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In-person and online learning available with our lowest tuition and shortest web development bootcamp options.

Why Devmountain?



At Devmountain, you can learn with like-minded students who are eager to learn in an immersive environment just like you. Become part of a community with thousands of alumni.



We understand remote learning is so convenient, but we love it when you’re here. To help students get on campus, we’ve offered our lowest bootcamp tuition for fully in-person courses. 

Career-focused curriculum


You can learn what you need to know to start a career in the tech industry with Devmountain’s career-focused curriculum, and you can get help with establishing the right connections, too.

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Why I chose Devmountain

Location, accessibility, affordability, and quality. Devmountain was the best choice.
Barbara | Web Dev Graduate
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Why I chose Devmountain

The best part of being at Devmountain is that you’re constantly learning, you’re always interacting, and it’s not a lonely road that you’ve taken.
Mihir | Web Dev Graduate
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Why I chose Devmountain

Devmountain instructors take the time for you now,  and when you are finished.
Stacy | UX Design Graduate
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Why I chose Devmountain

I had no prior iOS experience. I made two apps, and got a job.
Gabe | iOS Dev Graduate

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Remote or In Person?

The biggest difference between our in-person and remote classes is where you are. Both teach the skills to start a career and include:

Live, real-time instruction

Scheduled lectures and projects

Direct access to genuine human beings

Community networking


International students welcome.


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How Can You Apply for a Program?

Applying is the first step toward attending Devmountain and changing or starting your tech career. Learn about the coding bootcamp application process and speak to a friendly admissions counselor.

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What Will You Do After Graduation?

Your Devmountain experience doesn’t have to end at graduation. Since you’ll most likely spend time looking for employment, we’ll be around to help you pursue your professional goals after you complete your design bootcamp or development bootcamp.

Frequently Asked Questions...

All our programs require students to be 18 years old by the time their course begins and have a high school diploma (or its equivalent). Most programs also require students to complete a skill review.

There are two ways to answer this question.


First, our programs are designed so that people with basic computer literacy should be able to graduate. For instance, you don’t need to have been coding since the days of Fortran, but you should feel comfortable installing programs and apps on your computer without regularly asking someone for help.


Second, all that said, we aren’t sure why anyone would choose to study something they have no experience with. A little experience with your subject will not only help you complete the course, but it will help you feel confident that you’re studying something you enjoy.

Details will vary by course, but in general we have a mix of online and in-person options that blend live lectures, exercises, video content, group work, and projects. 


In most courses we try to prepare you for real working environments by being more hands on in the early weeks of your course, while requiring more self-directed study (with lots of help and resources available) in the last weeks of your course.

We cannot tell you how much it will cost, but we can tell you how much we will charge. Most of our programs are $7,900. (The exceptions are Software QA, which is $4,900, and Coding Basics, which is just $49.) 

However, scholarships are available and some students pay less than full tuition. 


A minority of students choose to finance their tuition with loans, sometimes including a cost of living stipend. How much those students pay will be affected by the terms of their agreements with the lenders. 


Finally, some students may choose to buy new computers or might need to upgrade their internet to complete their course work.

Sometimes we take our best guess, start out on a path, and then realize we don’t like where we’re heading. No biggie.


Each program has a grace period where you can drop and only forfeit the seat deposit portion of your tuition (normally $149). After that, there is a longer prorated refund period. (For specific details on refund policies by course, contact our admissions department.)


Also, students in the Web Development, Python Software Engineering, Java Software Engineering, Data Analyst, iOS App Development, and Cybersecurity programs can change their chosen area of specialization to any other program in the group within the first half of the course.

Applications have three parts.


First, you’ll fill out your personal information, which usually takes around 15 minutes.


Next, you’ll schedule a consultation with an admissions counselor. (This is our chance to make sure you’re a real person and your chance to ask any questions.) This can take 15-30 minutes.


Finally, you’ll complete a skill review, which can give you an idea of whether you’re ready for the program or what you might need to work on first. This is done online and usually takes about 30 minutes.


Once you’ve completed all that, you should receive an admissions decision. At that point, it’s up to you whether you want to move forward and enroll or pursue other options. There is no commitment until you make a seat deposit. 

Do you have a different question? Well, aren’t you precocious! Feel free to reach out to us any time about any old thing. 

Have questions about Devmountain?

Devmountain’s alumni are a great resource for insights into the Devmountain experience. We’ve put together a number of testimonials to help.


The American Council on Education’s Learning Evaluations Service has evaluated and recommended college credit for seven of Devmountain’s online courses for up to 18 hours of college credit. These courses are eligible for transfer to many different colleges and universities.

Ready to Take the Next Step Toward Changing Your Career?

Right now, you’re in the same place every Devmountain graduate once was. And, if you take the next step, you could join them as a fellow alumnus in a matter of weeks.