10 Reasons to Go on a Coding Bootcamp Journey

Coding bootcamp students at Devmountain attend for a variety of reasons, including changing their careers, upskilling their tech knowledge, and preparing to pursue jobs at tech companies. Do you have similar goals? You could join them, going on your own coding bootcamp journey, and here are 10 reasons to consider making the change yourself.

1 Change Your Career to Something You Love

If you’re drawn to the world of technology, you could find a job you love in the field. A coding bootcamp like Devmountain can help you learn what you need to know to get started. Obviously, there’s a lot to learn from computer science fundamentals to advanced software developer topics, but that shouldn’t be a deterrent. You can learn practical skills to pursue junior-level positions by successfully completing a bootcamp course.

2 Find and Enjoy Perks in the Tech Industry

We hope you love your future career in the tech industry because of the work you do, but we also think finding and enjoying perks in the tech industry can add to your satisfaction. Some perks you may find include remote work options, flexible (if not unlimited) paid time off, and on-site snacks and entertainment you can take advantage of. Read about more tech perks to look for.

3 Pursue a Variety of Opportunities in Tech

Not every tech job will have you building web applications or handling full-stack web development. You may find the job market has much more to offer in terms of the variety of opportunities. Bootcamp grads can go on to work for startups, corporations, or themselves.

4 Give Yourself the Opportunity to Make Money

If making money is one of your goals, you can find opportunities in the tech industry. There are many different outcomes, including great salaries, possibly better than what you’re currently taking home. Learn more about student outcomes, job placement, and earnings data.

5 Learn to Code (Finally) with Structure and Support

Learn to Code (Finally) with Structure and Support

Teaching yourself to code is possible, but, then again, a lot of things are possible. You can learn a lot of skills on the internet (some more useful than others). What self-teaching doesn’t help with, though, is structure and support. Some people don’t seem to need this, or they are able to find it in other ways. For the rest of us, there are options like Devmountain, that provide these pieces.

6 Make Connections, Build Friendships, and Network

Aside from the structured learning and staff support Devmountain can offer, it’s also a great place for making connections, building friendships, and networking with professionals. You will be able to work on projects with like-minded peers, interact with instructors and mentors, and attend hiring events put on by the Devmountain Outcomes and Student Support team.

7 Get Career Services and Support for the Job Search

Speaking of career services and support, once you graduate from Devmountain, you can take advantage of what the bootcamp offers after the program, including help with interviewing, employer outreach, and personalized job search preparation, depending on what you need.

8 Put Together a Tech-Related Portfolio to Show Off

During your coding bootcamp journey at Devmountain, you’ll put together a portfolio you can show off to potential employers (not to mention friends and family). The group and individual projects you work on in your program will be included, and they will be based on modern programming languages and technologies employers want to see.

9 Avoid Paying for a Full 4-Year CS Degree

College is great, but it’s not for everyone. Whether it’s just not your thing or you can’t make it happen for any number of life reasons, there are other options, including Devmountain. So, you can avoid paying for a full 4-year CS degree and instead learn practical programming skills that will help you pursue junior-level positions.

10 Complete the Course Quickly and Start Working

Bootcamp courses at Devmountain are relatively quick, especially compared to a 4-year degree, so you can complete the course quickly and start working as soon as your job hunt is over. Check out upcoming course start dates and end dates to get a better idea of how one of our courses could fit into your life and future.

Start Your Coding Bootcamp Journey at Devmountain

You can learn how to code quickly at Devmountain. Our bootcamp courses are designed to take you from a beginner coding hobbyist to a professional developer, ready to pursue junior-level positions in the technology industry. Learn more about Devmountain and our bootcamp courses.

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