3 Data Analytic Skills You Can Use in Your Career

Developing these data analytic skills can help you in your career, whether you choose to make data analytics your career path or not. This is because data analytics isn’t just about looking at data sets, using statistical techniques, and getting into machine learning. There are broader but equally important skills that data analysts need to know, and that you should brush up on, too.

Here are three data analytic skills you can use in your career:

Think About and Ask the Right Questions

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Also known as critical thinking, knowing what the right questions are and how to ask them is an important skill to understand and utilize in your career. Data analysts need to be critical thinkers who can analyze data to help make business decisions. This is because unstructured data is what analysts have to work with. If they can’t think critically, they will have a difficult time doing advanced analytics.

Likewise, you can use this skill to identify trends and make decisions. You don’t have to be a data analyst to bring attention to important patterns in your role or department. You just need to know what the right questions are and how you should be asking them for maximum effect.

Use Raw Data to Highlight the Real Story

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An important skill any data analyst needs to know backward and forward is data visualization. By itself, data is meaningless. It takes someone who knows how to use raw data to highlight the real story before it matters. It’s a skill that can be seen as valuable.

But even if you don’t use predictive modeling or data science in your current career, understanding data visualization can also help you realize what’s going on in your role and business. When presented with a data set or chart, you can get to the real story with this skill.

Help Others Understand the Connections

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Communication is a key skill for data analysts. Helping others understand the connections in data sets is crucial to the success of the position and, more than likely, the business. Of course, communication is also important for other careers, whether you’re doing business analytics and working on open-source projects or not.

Brushing up on this skill can help you, especially if you combine it with data management. Other skills data analytics include:

  • Detail-oriented and accurate
  • The ability to prioritize deadlines
  • Learning SQL, Oracle, Python, etc.
  • Enjoyment of numbers and math
  • Can work with data logically
  • Methodical problem-solving skills
  • Predictive analytics and business intelligence
  • Potential to become a data scientist

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