5 Tips on How to Ace Your Bootcamp Interview

You did it! You landed an interview with a coding bootcamp. Whether you’re dead set on attending coding bootcamp, or just looking into it, it’s important to know what to expect in your first interview.

As an admissions counselor at DevMountain, Cooper Swenson conducts interviews every 30 minutes almost every day. After discussing what he looks for in an applicant during their first interview, we wrote down some tips so that you can ace your next bootcamp interview.

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Here are the 5 tips on how you can ace your bootcamp interview:

#1 Have Previous Exposure

During your interview, you will be asked, “What experience do you have in the course you are applying to?” Having previous coding exposure isn’t necessary, but will go a long way during the interview process and onto your bootcamp experience.

If you don’t already have exposure in your chosen course, there are many free resources online you can use to get as much or as little experience as you choose. Being a proficient coder before bootcamp isn’t what interviewers are looking for. It’s showing that you have drive to really learn the material that will be covered during bootcamp. Showing that kind of initiative, to the interviewer, means you will be successful in the course.

#2 Share Motivation

Why are you wanting to take the course? Ask yourself this before your interview. Are you willing to put in 13-26 weeks of hard, yet rewarding work? Staying motivated will be key to your bootcamp success. Be prepared to share what motivates you to complete coding school.

#3 Express Passion

The admission team is looking for students who are passionate about coding. Not only should you feel passionate about average salary income, but you should also have passion to learn a new trade that will change your life. Again, bootcamp is a lot of hard work. Passion is necessary in order to be successful.

#4 Show Personality

Part of your bootcamp experience will be your ability to work well with others. To the admission team, it’s important to know if you are going to be helpful or a handful in the classroom. Be prepared to share past experience that highlight your ability to work well with others.

#5 Communicate Commitment

Bootcamp is a huge commitment. Your interviewer will want to make sure you are prepared to dedicate time and effort into the course. Class at bootcamp is 9-5pm every day. Evenings are typically spent practicing what you learned in class. If you don’t put time into it, it will be very hard for you to succeed. During your bootcamp interview, communicate your commit to learn how to code in your interview.

The interview process can be a great experience. You will not only learn about what your bootcamp expects of you, but you will also learn what you can expect from your bootcamp. Having previous exposure to coding, sharing your motivation, passion, personality, and commitment will help you ace your bootcamp interview.

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