Anthony Heber Shares Roadmap to Becoming a Salesforce Developer

With so many companies in need of Salesforce customizations, there are a lot of Salesforce development jobs available. And that demand is only increasing.

Learning Salesforce dev will surely get you into a really good position in your career. Because of the high demand for Salesforce developers, the more you grow in Salesforce capabilities, the greater your paycheck will increase.

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So, how do you become a Salesforce developer?

Lead Salesforce Instructor at DevMountain, Scott Purcell, recently sat down with Systems Architect at Simplus, Anthony Heber, to talk about what it takes to become a Salesforce developer. See below for their recorded discussion.

Video Recap

Heber suggests finding a mentor that can teach you what they know about Salesforce, self-educating yourself with online tools, attending a coding bootcamp, and doing whatever you can to earn Salesforce certifications.

Ok, so now I’m a Salesforce developer. Now what?

Finding jobs always takes some work. Lucky for you, there is a lot of need for Salesforce developers, especially in tech areas, and not a lot of supply. But, to set yourself even more apart, Heber suggests becoming an excellent problem solver. Find opportunities to hit a wall, and work hard to get over it. Sharing those success stories in your interviews will set you apart from the rest.

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