Coding Games For Beginners

There are a lot of different ways to learn how to code.

One that a lot of people don’t think about is coding games. These are especially helpful for beginner coders.

In this article, we’ll talk about why coding games are helpful and what our favorite games are here at Devmountain.

What’s The Benefit Of Coding Games For Beginners?

When most people try and learn how to code, they usually start with some free tutorials they found on YouTube vlogging about the topic.

And there’s nothing wrong with this.

But the problem is that these free tutorials don’t give you enough information to give your coding studies any directions.

So you end up watching more tutorials. And more. And then you rewatch them. And then you give up.

Because of this, a lot of beginners find themselves stuck in “tutorial hell,” where they’re constantly watching tutorial after tutorial without really being able to connect the disparate lessons and concepts together.

So yeah, you should learn new concepts. And yes, tutorials are one way to level up your coding skills. 

We’re not really breaking new ground here are we?

But you should also be looking for other ways to put your coding skills to good use in a way that meets your current coding abilities.

And that’s where coding games come into play. Yes, games.

Coding games help beginners get out of tutorial hell and into basic, gamified coding challenges that help them think through specific problems and how to solve them with the coding concepts they know.

And a lot of these coding games are fun. As in, a lot of fun. Why should coding games be fun?

It makes sense that people tend to stick with exercise regimens when they enjoy them. After all, many don’t want feel like they’re dying while running a mile. Those folks may rather sit in a cycling class while an instructor yells, “Say it with me, you’re a goddess.” 

The same goes for learning new skills like coding. If you’re having fun, you’re more likely to keep practicing that new skill.

So what’s the benefit of coding games for beginners?

They help you apply the concepts you’ve learned in new and interesting ways that keep you interested.

Sounds like a win to us!

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Coding Games For Beginners

At this point, you should be sold on the idea of coding games, but what games are even out there?

Here are a few of our favorite coding games for beginners.


CodinGame is a turn-based game that lets you play in 1 of 25 different languages including Java, Python, JavaScript, Swift, and more. Gameplay requires that you solve different coding challenges by relying on new concepts the game will teach you. You can play by yourself or compete against others. They even have an international leaderboard that gives you worldwide standing among competitors.


CodeCombat can be used by adults, teens, educators, and students alike to help learn and teach the fundamentals of coding. Want to understand what loops, functions, conditionals, and variables are? CodeCombat is designed for just that. You can play using a variety of different languages like Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and even some libraries like jQuery.


Interested in working on your TypeScript? How about leveling up your Python skills? CheckiO provides a series of different challenges where you’ll have to use one of the two to solve them and move on to the next level. Their challenges cover a variety of beginner to advanced coding concepts.

CSS Diner

CSS is a really simple game that’ll help you better understand CSS, an oft-overlooked, yet-vital web development language. Over the course of 32 different levels, you’ll learn how each of the primary CSS selectors works as well as how to use them to accomplish specific tasks. Each level builds on one another so just because you figured out a certain concept on Level 3 doesn’t mean you can forget it. You may need to use it a lot more on Level 19. This is a great way to recall past skills and get the varied practice you need to really understand the concept.


Edabit tries to teach you code without it feeling like it’s teaching you code. The game is pretty simple. Memorize some coding syntax, solve problems as they appear in the game, and make code stuff as you go. Edabit is useful because the syntax (coding concepts) it teaches you focuses on solving specific problems you’ll happen upon in the game. This makes the memorization feel less tedious because there’s an immediate pay-off. You can play Edabit with C#, C++. Java, JavaScript, Python, Swift, and more.

Flexbox Defense

Flexbox Defense looks like your typical tower defense game. But their take is unique. You use the CSS flexible box layout to help position your weapons. So all the while you’re defending yourself against swarms of enemies you’re starting to master the CSS flexbox. After 12 levels of gameplay, you’ll have the major flexbox concepts down.

Devmountain Can Help You Level Up Your Coding 

Coding games are great because they help you find new and interesting ways to use the skills that you’re learning. It’s like practicing coding without sitting in front of a compiler.

But coding games, much like YouTube tutorials, coding books, or other resources, are probably not enough to get your coding skills to where you want them.

That’s where Devmountain comes in.

Devmountain is a coding bootcamp that helps you level up your tech and coding skills. Some people come to Devmountain to break into the tech industry. Some people do it to learn new skillsets for a possible promotion. Others do it because they want to build something, but don’t know how.

If you want to seriously improve your coding skills, check out Devmountain’s different bootcamp courses. Whether you’re trying to learn the Fundamentals, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Software Engineering, or something else, Devmountain can help.

Check out our courses today.

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