Course Report Showcases Justin Britton’s Final UX Design Project at DevMountain

In effort to provide credible sources for prospective bootcamp students, Course Report often highlights DevMountain graduate experiences. Their most recent alumni spotlight features Justin Britton, a UX Design DevMountain grad, and his final UX design project. 

If you’re considering a UX design bootcamp, Justin’s story will give you insight into why UX design would be a great career, what your experience at bootcamp will be like, and the type of projects you will be working on while in the course. 

You can read the full Course Report article here. Below we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite Justin Britton quotes. Take a look!

Course Report: What made you want to upskill and learn UX at bootcamp? 

“I love visual design, but I wanted to be able to contribute more to business success and performance. And I felt like UX gave me a way to do that.”

Justin has spent 10+ years as a graphic designer and art director. Though loving design and knowing that’s something he wants to continue to pursue, graphic design wasn’t it for him. He wanted to explore digital application design, and that’s when he found UX design as a career. Now having been through bootcamp, he has the skillset he needs to be able to further his design capabilities within websites and applications. 

Course Report: Can you walk me through the learning experience? What was a typical day [at bootcamp] and did the teaching style match your learning style? 

“The first third of the course was heavy on lectures and learning principles, while the remainder of the course was heavy on project work. And mentors were always there and available for feedback. I really enjoyed the design of the course.”

At bootcamp, Justin learned UX design principles through a project-based learning method. Rather than spending the majority of class time in lectures, Justin received instruction from UX design industry experts at the beginning of every class period and then implemented those principles for the remainder of the class in projects that he could later showcase to prospective employers. Because the course is more hands on, mentors were always available to provide additional insight and instruction. 

Course Report: Tell me about your final project you worked on at DevMountain!

“My group and I built a website to address a social challenge that we’re facing right now: resettling refugees in the United States.”

Attending bootcamp typically means you’re on a mission to start a career that you can be passionate about. As such, it’s important for students to find and work on projects that they can feel passion for. Justin had some experience helping refugees. That’s ultimately why his final project was dedicated to helping refugees resettle in the United States.

Get a preview of his final project: 

Course Report: What’s your advice for other people who are thinking about upskilling or switching careers through a bootcamp? 

“My advice is to absolutely do it. Especially if you’re young and considering a career in tech—UX design, programming, or QA—do a bootcamp for sure.”

Bootcamp is a big commitment, especially if you feel like you’ve already started down your career path. But, if you find yourself wanting more or something different, it’s time to seriously consider doing a bootcamp. With having over 10 years of experience in a different career, and being in his 40s, bootcamp was a huge leap for Justin. Considering his experience and the opportunities attending a UX bootcamp gave him, he now has the ability to continue to grow and develop his career. 

Want more? Read Justin Britton’s full Course Report article here

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