From Croatia to Dallas, Dino the Web Developer

We often hear stories about what led our students to become programmers. Inspired, we share their stories with you. Here is Dino, recent DevMountain grad from our web development course in Dallas, TX:

An introduction to technology.

At five years old, Dino’s father came home with a used computer. With computers just making a scene in the early 90’s, this computer was expensive and clunky. Many improvements would be made to the computer in succeeding years—Dino recognized that the first time he used it. Experimenting with the computer, Dino quickly learned he wasn’t just interested in playing games on it; he wanted to create things with it. 

Hello internet.

When the internet first came out, Dino was drawn to it. He wanted to know what was behind it all and how he could create his own webpage. He taught himself about technology with whatever resources he could get a hold of. Being a fan of music at age 14, he created his first webpage entirely about his favorite rock band. He was the coolest kid in school because of it.

At 17, Dino was really into music and searched the web for a music community he could join. Unable to find a networking service, he created one—there really wasn’t anything like it in his community. Anyone that played music in Croatia at the time was on there. Musicians in Croatia were able to connect with other musicians, allowing them to form bands, or music groups. In 2003, Dino was the creator of the most popular social networking service for musicians in Croatia. 

Dino, the web developer.

Having dabbled with technology quite a bit his whole life, Dino was really interested in becoming a web developer. After having learned he was accepted to the Visa Lottery program, he began his research of which coding school he should attend in the United States.

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After looking at many coding bootcamp options, he found that the web development program at DevMountain had the price, location, curriculum, and free housing that he was looking for.

That’s a wrap.

Recently finishing up bootcamp at DevMountain in Dallas, we asked Dino about his experience. He said he had no complaints. You not only learn how to code, but you also learn how to work with different kinds of people which will be extremely valuable in the workplace.

“Everything exceeded my expectations. The mentors are awesome. You really become a family while at bootcamp. It was well worth my time,” Dino said.

At DevMountain, Dino received an award for the best personal project. He created a tool used by traders to narrow down stocks that comprise the market. Traders can filter to see stocks how they choose: different sectors, profit numbers, etc.

Dino recently finished bootcamp and is in search for a great web development job in the Dallas area. With the connections he made at DevMountain, and the hiring events DevMountain organizes, he is confident he will be able to find a web development job in the financial industry.

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