DevMountain Courses: Should I Take More than One?

Our students ask us all the time if they should pursue several different coding skill sets or specialize in just one. Since we get this question often, we figure that there are many others who may be looking for an answer. In this post, we’ll take a quick look at the value of taking several DevMountain courses so that you can diversify your skill set.

While taking just one course at DevMountain will set you on your way to a satisfying job in the tech industry, having just one skill set may be ultimately limiting if you’re the kind of person interested in becoming a well-rounded coder in short order. After going through one of our courses, some of our graduates do learn another language on their own, however for those interested in picking up that second language or learning UX design, going through our courses accelerate their learning much faster than if they were just doing it alone.

In today’s tech world, the lines are constantly being blurred between desktop and mobile, and user experience design is gaining more and more importance. It will take a student who is willing to learn constantly and expands the material they work with in order to really enjoy the full extent of what is possible in this competitive career.

DevMountain student Kaleo Kim said “For me I was just hungry to learn.” Kaleo has graduated from 3 separate DevMountain courses. He felt like having each separate skill would set him apart from other applicants while looking for a tech career.

”After taking the web course I knew I wanted to learn iOS. I knew what to expect from DevMountain after my first cohort and I loved the culture and DevMountain as a whole. It was an easy choice for me to choose DevMountain again and again,” said Kim.

Whether you’re learning to code in order to work for yourself or to work for someone else, it’s not too difficult to see why understanding multiple coding languages and design skills is valuable to your career goals. Having a diverse skill set will allow you to tackle multiple jobs that are essential to the success of any competitive tech company- web development, mobile development, UX design, and all the other little technical items that go along with building a successful tech product.

“I love the frontend so I took both the Web Development and UX Design classes at DevMountain,” said DevMountain graduate Andy Bolos. “I wanted to expand my skill set to make me a lot better front end developer being able to not only design but then develop it. I love the UX process and solving problems and then making solutions come to life!”

If you decide to take the entrepreneurial route, being in control of your company’s tech needs will put the power in your hands, allowing you to oversee all of the most important aspects of your company’s product development. If the entrepreneurial route is not for you, being a well-versed programmer will make you a valuable asset to someone else’s company as well, since you’ll be well qualified to take care of all their diverse coding needs. It will allow you to not only be good at what you do- but become irreplaceable for your organization. DevMountain can give you the tools you need to be a well-rounded programmer, opening up more career options and opportunities for growth.

Are you ready to start expanding your horizons? Whether you’re a new or returning student, DevMountain helps you get the most out of the time you invest in learning coding skills that will be vital to your career. Our teachers are real world professionals who know what it takes to succeed in this industry, and are eager to share it with budding coders who might just create the next Facebook or Instagram.

Come see us at one of our Utah or Texas locations, or learn more about our programs by requesting a syllabus on our homepage. Learn more about what we offer, what makes us unique, and what qualifications our teachers have. Don’t compromise on your education, put one of the biggest names in coding education to work for you and start learning with DevMountain. We can’t wait to meet you, and to help you achieve your goals.

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