DevMountain Utah Campuses are Moving to Lehi

Starting January 7, 2019, DevMountain will officially be opening a new campus in Lehi, Utah. Provo and Salt Lake City campuses will be moving all classes to the Lehi location over the period of the next few months. By March 31, 2019, all Utah classes will be functioning in the new Canopy building in Lehi, Utah.

The new campus is located near Cabelas, and the Adobe building, at the point of the mountain. Student housing will also be relocated to Lehi near the new campus.

The January 7th Web Development Cohort has already been notified of the campus location change. 

Why the move? 

Moving to Lehi is a strategic move for DevMountain students. We want our students to be a part of the tech growth happening in the Lehi area. 

“It’s an exciting time to be in Lehi right now,” Krissy Weekley, Vice President of DevMountain, said. “All kinds of companies are moving to this area. Bringing DevMountain to Lehi will add great value to the community by creating opportunities [for our students, residents, business leaders, and community members] to learn and grow. Being in Lehi also makes it more accessible for companies to find talent through events with our students and alumni.”

DevMountain has also been working on consolidating Provo and Salt Lake City campuses in order to create more cross-functional collaboration with the different course offerings (Web Development, iOS Development, UX Design, and Software QA Programs).

“We want to create an environment in Lehi where the various programs interact together, creating a real-life work simulation, to teach our students how to successfully work across different departments in their career,” Weekley said. 

Having all courses taught in the same location will allow students to collaborate with like-minded people—in different specialty areas—preparing them better for the workplace. 

What does this move mean for DevMountain’s future? 

Attending DevMountain is a big life change; students are investing time and money to learn, or improve, a skill set that will hopefully get them into a life-long, lucrative career that they can be proud of.

Because of the leap our students take going through a bootcamp, we want to ensure that we are consistently innovating our curriculum in order to keep our students on the forefront of technology changes happening in the industry. Being in Lehi opens the doors between our students and the tech companies that are continuing to grow in the Lehi area. 

“Working closely with the companies in Lehi will help keep us informed to their future needs and to what is most relevant in the development, and design, community,” Weekley said. “Companies will have better access to us and our students so that we can collaborate with them and their development and design needs.”

Logistics: Travel, Student Housing, and Campus Culture

To our students who are planning on using public transportation to get to campus: 

If you use the Front Runner, you will need to get off at the Lehi Station. From the station, there is a bus that will take you to the Adobe building. The new DevMountain campus is a 10 minute walk from the bus drop-off location. 

To our students planning on using our student housing:

Student housing is still included at no extra cost for our immersive students. Lehi Student Housing is located near the Lehi campus. We will have a shuttle available to transport our students between the campus and housing. 

To all our students who are passionate about DevMountain campus culture:

Our culture is one of the cornerstones of DevMountain’s success; we are committed to ensuring that this move doesn’t allow us to stray from that ideal. Yes, we are bringing our soda machine with us to Lehi. So you can still plan on coding, or designing, with unlimited access to the soda of your choice. And, we will have our coffee machine there so you can enjoy a freshly brewed coffee in the morning. We are also bringing our ping pong tables, games, and couches. There will also be a kitchen at this location. As far as DevMountain Campus Culture goes, you can count on it being as awesome as it’s always been, if not better.

Email your questions about the upcoming move to Lehi.

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