Does Devmountain Offer Scholarships? Yes!

Does Devmountain Offer Scholarships? Yes!

Yes, we offer scholarships throughout the year ranging from $3,000 toward tuition all the way up to full-ride offers. To apply for scholarships, please visit Devmountain’s scholarship page.

Why We Offer Scholarships

In a nutshell: Devmountain’s courses are challenging—just like climbing a mountain is challenging—but scholarships to Devmountain can make that challenge less burdensome—just like proper climbing gear can make climbing a mountain less burdensome.

We offer scholarships in order to bridge the gap and pay it forward. We want to help people overcome adversity, jump-start their careers, or get out of a dead-end job. If you’ve ever thought about attending Devmountain, applying for a scholarship may be a great place to start.

What Devmountain Scholarships Are Available?

Bridge the Gap Scholarship

The Bridge the Gap scholarship is for individuals who demonstrate a commitment to bringing diverse or underrepresented people together in the world of tech. View scholarship details and apply for this scholarship.

Devmountain Bridge the Gap Scholarship

Pay It Forward Scholarship

The Pay It Forward scholarship is for people who demonstrate a commitment to using tech to work with disadvantaged populations. View scholarship details and apply for this scholarship.

Thanks to Our Partner

We would like to thank our partner, Software Technology Group (STG), for being a part of the Pay It Forward scholarship.

Software Technology Group

Many hands make light work, and at STG we thrive on lifting the burdens of our clients. Whether we are helping our client’s teams to deliver software, building custom software solutions so our clients can focus elsewhere, or managing unique career development plans for our consultants to ensure they are properly trained for each assignment, STG is the tech company in Salt Lake City you can count on to engineer software and build careers. We have been doing that since 1996 and we will continue to do so for decades to come.

Devmountain Pay It Forward Scholarship

Adversity Scholarship

The Adversity Scholarship is for people who have demonstrated achievement and determination in the face of personal challenges or great adversity. View scholarship details and apply for this scholarship.

Devmountain Adversity Scholarship

Jump-Start Scholarship

The Jump-Start scholarship is for applicants for whom a traditional 4-year degree isn’t practical because of obligations to family or community. View scholarship details and apply for this scholarship.

Devmountain Jump-Start Scholarship

Dead-End Job Scholarship

The Dead-End job scholarship is for people whose job is leading them in the wrong direction. View scholarship details and apply for this scholarship.

Devmountain Dead-End Job Scholarship

Thanks to Our Partners

Be Sure to Check Out Upcoming Cohorts

Scholarships are great, but knowing which cohort you would apply your scholarship to in the event that you’re awarded one is even better. Take a moment to check out Devmountain’s current cohort schedule to see what could work for you. And, if you’ve already applied for a cohort, check out Devmountain’s scholarships to see if any are applicable to you.

Eligibility Requirements

This scholarship may be used at the Lehi, UT; Dallas, TX; or Phoenix, AZ Devmountain campus for any Devmountain program. Scholarship reward is not a guarantee of acceptance into a Devmountain program. Scholarship recipients must apply for, and be accepted into, a Devmountain program that begins within 120 days of notification of scholarship reward to use their scholarship—if a granted scholarship is not used within this time period, it will expire. Students will be notified of reward by email from a member of the Devmountain admissions team. Scholarship applicants must be at least 18 years old. Scholarships are non-transferrable and may be combined with other offers, up to, but not exceeding, the full tuition value of the program.

All scholarship applications will be reviewed by at least three members of the Devmountain Scholarship Selection committee, made up of members from various Devmountain departments. Each reviewing member will cast two votes for applications based on the candidates’ answers to the questions in the application form. The applicant receiving the most votes is awarded the scholarship and in the event of a tie, the recipient will be selected at random from those entries tied for votes.

Partner companies allowed Devmountain to name scholarships after them. There is no relationship with the partner company beyond the naming of the scholarship.

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