The Download: UX Design Training Course Highlights

User experience is the front line of web design. It’s what directs a user’s overall experience of a digital product or service, and often forms the majority of their opinion of that product. Designers accomplish this through enhancing things like usability, accessibility, and all the ways in which a person interacts with a product. As such, UX design is a really important part of any website or app, and as a UX designer you get the satisfaction of not only crafting this experience, but seeing your work in action.

User Experience Design With DevMountain

DevMountain offers one of, if not the best UX bootcamps available. Over the course of this 13 week bootcamp, you will work with the best instructors to learn all the skills necessary to kick start your career as a UX designer. Whether in Salt Lake City, Utah or Dallas, Texas, you will receive only the best in-person UX design training from our team of skilled and experienced instructors.

At DevMountain’s bootcamp for UX designers, you will be able to:

• Have access to a career counselor, mentors, instructors, job training, interview training, resume optimization, and more essential job hunting resources.

• Gain lifetime access to exclusive Meet ‘n’ Hire events, where you can network with employers who are looking for.

• Learn all the skills that constitute comprehensive including UX research, prototyping, information architecture, visual design, mobile design, and more.

• Learn from instructors with an average of 8.3 years of experience and 4.6 student rating.

• The 13-week immersive bootcamp, is the full package that will prepare you better than anything else for a career to be a UX designer.

• Be eligible for free student housing for full time students, conveniently located next to all DevMountain campuses.

What really sets DevMountain apart from the rest is its exceptional culture. It is a culture of creativity, bound together by a mutual goal of success alongside other like minded people. All of our instructors are enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and enjoy working with you one on one to share their craft.

UX Design Training Can Be a Stepping Stone to a Long Career

UX designers are always in demand, and can expect a competitive salary (allowing for location and experience, as with any profession). And while DevMountain cannot guarantee a job upon completion of this course, the company is dedicated to equipping every student with the best possible chance to succeed in the workplace post graduation.

Other places may also give you the right UX design training, but DevMountain ensures that you are looked after beyond course completion, and throughout your career. You’ll take the DevMountain course, enter the workforce, and who knows? One day you might even be one of the employers looking for new recruits at a Meet ‘n’ Hire event.

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