Interview with Christian Dickerman from Devmountain Student Support

Interview with Christian Dickerman from Devmountain Student Support

Ever wonder what kind of people work at Devmountain? Well, You’re in luck. We sat down and talked with Christian Dickerman from Devmountain’s Student Support team. Here’s what he had to say about work, life, and Devmountain.

What Led You to Devmountain?

I had heard about Devmountain from a friend of mine who is a web developer. I have always had an interest in the technology-facing side of the business world. I had also done some research into what the culture is like at Devmountain. It was then that I realized what an amazing place this company is. I wanted to be a part of this school and to be in an environment where people are always seeking to be better.

What Is Your Favorite Part About Working With Students?

My favorite part about working with the students here at Devmountain is that we get the opportunity to provide them with the tools to be confident in the turbulent job market.

How Are You Able to Help Students Who Are Wanting to Pursue Tech-Related Jobs?

I have been able to share my experiences from my time in the recruiter seat to help them understand the hiring process. My belief is that this helps them avoid making mistakes that other candidates may make.

What Would You Tell a Student Who Is Nervous About Interviewing in the Tech Industry?

Nerves are good! Be prepared and once you overcome them they become tokens of confidence! 

What Do Students Need to Know About Preparing Themselves for the Job Hunt?

The process of finding a job is always adapting to market circumstances, so you should be diverse and adaptive yourself.

What Are Your Hobbies and Why?

Christian Dickerman from Devmountain

I enjoy cars, building things, and fishing. I enjoy cars because I love problem-solving and fixing things, building things (guns, furniture, bicycles, etc.) for the same reasons as cars, and fishing because it is a relaxing escape from the day-to-day.

If You Could Be a Muppet, Disney Character, or Super Hero, Who Would You Be and Why?

If I could be a superhero I would be Thor because he is the strongest avenger.

What Is One Thing People Are Often Surprised to Learn About You?

People are often surprised by all of the weird jobs that I have held. (Working on planes, construction, professional DJ and lighting, sound engineer, restaurateur, salesman, recruiter.)

If You Could Save One Object from Your Burning Home, What Would it Be and Why?

My Martin guitar that my wife bought me when we first got married. 

Any Other Advice or Insights You’re Dying to Give to Students?

Christian Dickerman

Never set a limit for yourself! If you truly want to achieve something, you can achieve it if you earn it!

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