Interview with Kayla Duong from Devmountain Admissions

Kayla Duong is a friendly admissions counselor at Devmountain. We sat down with her to ask her a few questions about her work life and home life. Here’s what she had to say!

What Led You to Devmountain?

I was a Devmountain student before becoming an admissions counselor! Firstly, I loved the community I was surrounded by. The support I was able to discover with the students and staff, made me want to be part of it. I love sharing my experiences and helping those who want to change their lives!

What Is Your Favorite Part About Working With Students?

I love hearing about our students’ stories. We all come from different walks of life and are pursuing Devmountain for different reasons, but all are here to make a change and most importantly improve our lives. I also love hearing students talk about their experience and how much they were able to gain through Devmountain!

How Are You Able to Help Students Who Are Thinking About Enrolling?

Getting to know the students personally really allows us to cater to their specific needs! We have your best interest in mind even if at that moment it’s not Devmountain. We just want people to be happy with where they are or are going in life, and if you’re not, let’s see how Devmountain can help!

What Would You Tell a Student Who Is Nervous About Going Through the Application Process?

Please don’t be nervous! We’re here to help you and answer any questions or concerns you may have. We want to make the process as simple and smooth as possible. We’d love to hear from you and get to know you. So if you’re thinking about it, just do it! We all gotta start somewhere! 

What Do Potential Students Need to Know Before They Make a Decision on Whether or Not to Enroll?

I always tell our students (and this was something I was told on my first day of class), what you put into your experience is what you get out. I’ve seen this be true time and time again. What you do with your time at Devmountain will definitely reflect down the road and in ways you didn’t even think were possible.

What Are Your Hobbies and Why?

Think of me as Martha Stewart, just younger and a lot shorter, haha. I’m a huge foodie (I like to call myself a carb-ivore). I think food can bring people together, show you care, and honestly who’s going to turn down delicious food!? I do lots of crafts and designing. I’m constantly trying to learn different hacks and techniques because I’m a huge believer that there’s always another way to do things. I like to get out with my dog Jasper because he was a senior dog when I adopted him a few years ago. He doesn’t have many years left but still acts like he’s a 90 lb. pup!

If You Could Be a Muppet, Disney Character, or Super Hero, Who Would You Be and Why?

I’d be Tiana from Princess and the Frog. She’s a hard worker (reminds me of the days I was working multiple jobs, seven days a week haha), determined, and an overall go-getter! Plus she’s around beignets all day, sounds like a dream!

What Is One Thing People Are Often Surprised to Learn About You?

That I’m not 4’9″… I’m almost 5’1″ but standing next to tall tables, people, or even next to children makes me seem shorter. *hard eye-roll*

If You Could Save One Object from Your Burning Home, What Would it Be and Why?

Since Jasper (my dog) would probably be out of the house already seeing he’s the first to know anything that’s going on in the house, I’d probably grab my memory box. It has all of my mementos (i.e. concert/event/plane tickets stubs, trinkets from trips, etc.) that I’ve kept since I was a kid.

Any Other Advice or Insights You’re Dying to Give to Students?

I see lots of students who feel like the odds are against them, or they might not be qualified. Imposter syndrome is a real thing; I’ve definitely had my share of that before… but it shouldn’t be the thing that stops you. I say, beat the odds, step up to the plate, and give it everything you got! Take a chance on you.

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