John Ivie, DevMountain Alumnus, Shares Advice for New Students

Properly preparing for coding bootcamp is essential to having a successful bootcamp experience. Thanks to John Ivie, DevMountain alumnus currently working for Ancestry as a QA engineer, we have advice to offer as you prep for bootcamp.

Watch our video, DevMountain Alumni Highlight – John Ivie, to hear what Ivie has to say about coding bootcamps:

What We Learned

  • Do the pre-course work offered by the bootcamp before your start date. Completing the pre-course work will help you be more familiar with what you’ll be learning during your cohort.
  • Utilize bootcamp mentors while working on personal and group projects. They are there to help you excel in the course.
  • Don’t just do the minimal amount of work. Do the projects and toy problems you are given, and when appropriate, go through them a second time.
  • Push yourself constantly. Don’t be lazy.


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