Learn to Code: Is It Hard to Learn JavaScript?

Learning to code is something that can open a wide range of opportunities in the future. You may choose to learn JavaScript as your main programming language, but how complicated should you expect it to be? If you find it difficult in the beginning, here are some tips to help make it easier.

Keep Practicing JavaScript Tutorials

While learning to code, don’t create obstacles for yourself by not practicing JavaScript basics. Before moving onto advanced tutorials, make sure you get the fundamentals down.

You need to consistently practice if you wish to improve your programming skills. Otherwise, you may find it difficult — even if you have studied a significant amount of information.

We recommend doing coding exercises for a new concept until you understand it.

Look Into JavaScript Courses

javascript fundamentals

It’s entirely possible to learn JavaScript on your own. You can create your own path to becoming a software engineer or developer. There are countless online resources to help you. So many, in fact, that you might not be sure where you should begin.

If you’re finding it difficult to know what order to learn different concepts, consider taking a JavaScript coding course with all of this information presented in an accessible way.

Learn more about the 4-week Coding Basics course at Devmountain.

Study Sample JavaScript Code and Try to Understand It

When learning JavaScript, you’ll find sample code that aims to help you understand the concept you’re learning. Be sure to take a thorough look at the code and try your best to understand it.

It’s probably best to review the code line by line and step by step. Ask yourself what role each operator, variable, etc., has to play in the execution of the code. Not only will this help you understand the concepts you’re focusing on, but it will also make your coding exercises easier.

Remember to Take Breaks when Debugging

Even if you’ve never written a single line of code in your life, you may have heard about how frustrating debugging can be. All developers eventually encounter a situation where they simply cannot figure out why certain parts of their code cause errors.

This often leads to a significant amount of frustration and can even cause some people to give up on the problem entirely. If your program has a bug, though, there’s always a solution.

Don’t be afraid to walk away and come back at a later time. This could be all you need to help give you a different perspective on the problem.

Keep Learning. There’s Always More to Learn

javascript programming language

It’s not uncommon for people to strive to master JavaScript as quickly as possible. Whether this is due to a lack of free time or a deep interest in the subject.

This is the equivalent of attempting to master a particular sport within a minuscule timeframe. This isn’t a practical endeavor, and it will almost always lead to falling short of your goals.

As you learn, you’re likely to encounter difficulty with some of the intermediate and advanced concepts. You may even reach a point where you spend hours on a handful of exercises.

Remember, coding bootcamps are designed to teach you practical skills you can expand on.

Establish a pace that is comfortable for you to learn. If you have the time to study for hours each day, then you should do so as long as you aren’t hitting a brick wall every time you sit down.

Learn more about what it takes to attend a coding bootcamp and whether it will work for you.

So, Is It Difficult to Learn JavaScript in the Real World?

No, it’s not — as long as you approach it with a realistic attitude. From here, you can decide to learn JavaScript or not. If you’re interested in becoming a front-end web developer, check out Devmountain’s 4-week Coding Basics course, which covers HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Learn to Code: Is It Hard to Learn JavaScript?

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