Meet DevMountain’s Newest Admissions Team Member

DevMountain is continuing to grow and expand as we offer our coding education to more and more students across the country. As part of DevMountain’s growth, we are fortunate to add skilled and talented members to our expanding team. We’d like to introduce you to a new member of the DevMountain team, McKenzie Meyer. McKenzie is the newest addition to our admissions team. If you send in an application for our program, there’s a good chance that you’ll get to talk with her during the process. We sat down with her recently to ask a few questions to help us all get to know her better!

Here’s a bit more about McKenzie and her background in her own words:

Tell us about yourself!

I was born in Oklahoma City, but grew up in Northern Utah. Before joining the DevMountain admissions team, I was managing a dental practice. It may sound like a little bit of an odd jump, but it really comes down to working with people and assessing their needs. I love it!

So why did you make the jump to working with coding bootcamp applicants?

I’m always up for an adventure! I love learning and taking on new opportunities. That being said, DevMountain is relatively new for me, but I like the atmosphere of a learning environment, which ultimately convinced me that this is where I want to be.

How do you work with applicants?

If applicants have questions, I will have answers! I am available for phone calls, emails, interviews, tours, and questions. If I don’t know the answer I probably know someone who will. Recently, I had an applicant who was struggling to submit an application to one of the upcoming cohorts with a close start date. After sending a few emails back and forth, he was able to stop by the campus. I helped him submit his application, do an in-person interview, and get him enrolled in his cohort. He left happy, and I was happy to help!

What should DevMountain applicants know?

If you are ready to jump into coding, DevMountain really is the way to go! When you are applying, do your research about our courses, and start looking into some free online resources to help you decide what you are most passionate about. The information on our website is always up to date with the most current information. If you do have additional questions don’t hesitate to reach out!

What has your experience been like so far?

DevMountain is such a fun, chill place to work! I’ve enjoyed getting to know the tech lingo that everyone uses here. Also, the learning environment is definitely a nice change and so motivating.

Since McKenzie has joined our team, she has hit the ground running. She has been very busy assisting our admissions team, talking to applicants/students from all over the country and meeting potential DevMountaineers at our Provo Campus. We are happy to have McKenzie.

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