Pricing Changes for 2022

Beginning on February 26, 2022, Devmountain will be changing the tuition for our Web Development, Python Software Engineering, Java Software Engineering, Data Analytics, iOS App Development, Cybersecurity, and UX Design programs to $9,900. Students who want to lock in our current pricing must apply by 11:59 PM, Mountain Time, on February 25, 2022.

Yeah, But Why?

The TLDR is that we dramatically adjusted our tuitions down to help keep Devmountain possible for some people during the pandemic, and, now that it’s been almost two years, it’s time to get back to normal. (Although the new tuition is still lower than pre-pandemic levels.)

However, if you want a little more detail, we’re happy to take you along for the ride. Get comfy.

Once Upon a Time…

The longer story starts in a far-off, magical time when people roamed freely, outdoors and indoors, without masks or vaccination card pictures on their cell phones. The year was 2020, and the tuition for our Web Development course was $11,900, while our iOS and UX programs cost $10,900.

At Devmountain we are passionate about many things—like breakfast kolaches and grown adults playing Super Smash Bros together—but perhaps our top-two priorities are providing immersive experiences that change lives and making Devmountain as accessible as possible.

In that spirit, we saw an opportunity where we thought we could lower many of our tuitions to $9,900. We hoped this would not only be a pleasant surprise for those who were planning to enroll, but that it would also be enough of a change to put our education within reach for a new group of students.

We were working on a plan for making these adjustments in the first quarter of 2020, and then the world changed.

Enter a Global Pandemic

With only days to prepare, we had to move all of our in-person courses to fully remote programs, take care of the students who were in our housing, make new policies, and in general adapt to substantial change just like everyone else. Most of our long-term plans were put on hold as we dealt with immediate challenges.

Although the last few years have been rough on everyone, we also saw firsthand how the pandemic was hurting some members of our student population particularly hard. We’ve always had a lot of folks in the Devmountain family who are transitioning from hospitality, food service, retail, general services, education, and medical fields. Many of our students and alumni come from the “front lines” of the economy.

We knew that at the very time when some people needed to explore career change the most, they were least able to take a risk on the future or afford a new program. Accordingly, we dropped our prices as low as we thought we could get away with while the pains of adjustment were the strongest.

We knew the pandemic price adjustment was not something that we could sustain forever, but we wanted to do it for as long as we were able.

Two Years Later…

While the pandemic continues and many things are still evolving, we feel like most of us have made it through the initial difficulties of adapting.

We discovered many students love our remote programs and won’t miss commuting to our campuses at all. For those students who prefer meeting in person, we’ve resumed on-campus instruction in Lehi and Dallas (subject to local guidelines), supplemented with videos and collaborations with fellow students who might be in person or online.

Things are different, but we’ve had enough time with our adapted programs to be confident we are still providing immersive experiences that change lives for the better, and our internal surveys are showing students are generally very happy with our changes.

So, with some time to catch our breaths after a wild ride, we are now getting back to the longer-term, more sustainable plans we were making in 2020. We’re truly grateful for those who took that wild ride with us and look forward to meeting new students and friends who will be with us for the adventures and opportunities that lie ahead.

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