Tech Company Perks That Are Actually Cool

Tech Company Perks That Are Actually Cool

Okay, we’ll admit it. We have a ping pong table… two ping pong tables (…more than two across our three locations), but that’s because ping pong is fun. It’s a perk. But, in today’s workforce, it’s not a cool perk; it’s more of an enjoyable side perk. It’s the kind of perk that makes you smile without being the kind of perk that makes you say, “That’s so cool,” when you hear about it.

(Sorry, ping pong. You can hang around the tech industry a while longer if you’d like, but you’re not on the list. Why don’t you go sit next to free soda and branded T-shirts?). 

When we say “Cool perks,” we mean things a tech job may offer outside of salary and health benefits. So, what perks that can be found in the tech industry are actually cool? Which ones draw people into the industry and keep them around more than a ping pong table ever could?

Cool Perk #1: Flexible Time Off

tech companies that offer flexible time off

One cool perk of working in the tech industry can be flexible time off, so you can better balance your work life and home life by scheduling around important appointments, errands, and events.

This can be especially true for programming positions that have no customer-facing tasks or responsibilities since being in the office from nine to five could be less important than getting a specific set of tasks done by a certain deadline.

PTO policies, schedules, and amounts will vary from company to company (just like in any industry), but there does seem to be a theme of flexible time off (up to unlimited PTO) in tech.

Cool Perk #2: Remote Work Options

tech companies that offer remote work options

Another cool perk of working in the tech industry can provide even more flexibility–remote work options–since some tech positions do not need to be tied to a physical location.

Working remotely can be accomplished by either connecting directly to a work system via specialized software or by simply performing tasks on a portable work computer, depending on where your projects and software are stored.

Since face-to-face interaction can be valuable to a company, this perk also varies throughout the industry, being dependent on the needs and wants of employees and management.

Cool Perk #3: Educational Growth

tech companies that offer education growth opportunities

A third cool perk of working in the tech industry can be educational growth opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible to you for reasons related to time, money, or both.

Since working in a tech position can bring value to a company, they may offer employees educational incentives that revolve around your continued training throughout your employment. Keeping up on the latest tech can be important, after all.

Even if a tech company doesn’t have an official program for educating employees, you could bring educational opportunities to their attention in order to possibly get this perk as well.

Cool Perk #4: Travel Opportunities

tech companies that offer travel opportunities

A fourth cool perk of working in the tech industry can be opportunities for travel. The internet connects people together, but that doesn’t mean that physical travel isn’t important.

These travel opportunities can come about because your position can be performed remotely, giving you more flexibility to work while traveling, or because your position requires you to work with hardware or software at several physical locations.

For example, if the company you work for has specialized software that runs industrial machinery, then you could be in a position that lets you travel to train clients on how to use it.

Cool Perk #5: Health and Wellbeing

tech companies that focus on health and wellbeing

A fifth cool perk of working in the tech industry can be health and wellbeing that impacts both your work life and your home life since tech companies can offer healthy perks.

Tech jobs can look like sitting in front of a computer all day, performing one challenging technical task after another, so combating that with gym memberships, reimbursements, or access to exercise equipment can be a good way to improve health and wellbeing.

Companies may have yoga classes or walking groups that you could participate in as well as on-site exercise equipment, health-promoting work competitions, and free fruit and veggies.

Cool Perk #6: High-End Branded Merchandise

A sixth cool perk of working in the tech industry can be gifting your most productive employees with high-end branded merchandise. Doing so will show that the company appreciates its employees and will further motivate the team to perform well.

Companies may host monthly meetings where the top performers will be publicly gifted with some luxury items and an employee of the month badge or certificate.

These giveaways can be highly personalized and include the company’s logo to improve employees’ personal connection with the company they represent.

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