The Year’s Top Stories

There are a lot of online resources for aspiring coders and establish programmers and software engineers. If you’re a coding enthusiast looking for the best free coding resources, stick around. We’ve rounded up five of our top, most-read blog posts from the last year that offer valuable insights into various programming topics. From an overview of the top programming languages for 2023 to understanding CSS and data types in JavaScript, these resources will help you level up your coding skills. Plus, you’ll discover what GitHub is and how it can enhance collaboration among developers.

Don’t miss out on these must-read articles to expand your coding knowledge and get informed in the ever-evolving world of programming.

20 Top Programming Languages for 2023

The world is flush with programming languages. Estimates range from a few hundred to several thousand. Of course, many of those languages are little utilized while many other are evolved forms and variations of widely used, historic programming languages.

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What Is GitHub and How Do You Use It?

GitHub is one of the world’s largest community of developers. It’s an intricate platform that fosters collaboration and communication between developers. GitHub has a number of useful features that enable development teams to work together on the same project and easily create new versions of software without disrupting the current versions, but it doesn’t stop there.

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What Is CSS and Why Should You Use It?

CSS stands for cascading style sheets. In short, CSS is a design language that makes a website look more appealing than just plain or uninspiring pieces of text. Whereas HTML largely determines textual content, CSS determines visual structure, layout, and aesthetics. HTML is a markup language, and CSS is a style sheet language. Think “look and feel” when you think CSS. Why is CSS So important to learn?

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What are Data Types in JavaScript? – JavaScript 101

Data types in JavaScript describe the different types or kinds of data that you will be working with and storing in variables. It’s important that you learn each of these data types because otherwise data can get stored in an improper format which will result in issues in your code later on. In this video, you will learn about five of the more common data types and how to implement them in your code.

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4 Ways to Find the Best Web Development Language

Not all programming languages are created equal, and the best language for one situation (or one person), may not be the best language in all cases. The point is that there are hundreds of web development languages you could learn, but learning these hundreds of coding languages isn’t necessary (or probably even possible). It will be more beneficial to you if you focus on the best language for web development. …

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