Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur at a Coding Bootcamp

Today’s entrepreneur is not your grandfather’s entrepreneur – they need a different set of skills than the successful business people of the past. One of the most important skills in today’s market is a robust understanding of coding and programming. If your end goal is to create a product relevant for today’s high-tech world, chances are coding skills will get you there faster and cheaper, and with the freedom and self-reliance you’ll need to be successful.

To be an entrepreneur today you must be a self-starter who knows not only how to create a useful product, but how to get it in front of people in a meaningful way. In order to do this, they need to have a coding skill set that allows them to create their own websites, apps, and often even the product itself. The internet is at the heart of the market, and learning to code means learning the language of the internet and how to get the most out of it.

Take the power into your own hands by being your own product and IT pro. Learning to code frees you from expensive startup costs associated with hiring coders to do this work for you, and allows you to be in control of your company’s success and destiny.

So what can a coding bootcamp, like DevMountain, do for your entrepreneurial goals? DevMountain will give you the practical skills you need to code your own websites, apps, and work product. We’ll set you up quickly, in just 12 weeks, with part time options available that will get you started in 16 weeks. We’ll get you closer to your goals in that short period of time than you could get with years of self teaching. We’ll help you learn how to put those skills to use in a practical way by guiding you through a capstone product that will bring together everything you learn throughout the program.

For students more entrepreneurially minded, DevMountain provides opportunities to network and meet other local entrepreneurs, VCs, and like minded individuals during your time in the program. We don’t only help students get placed at large corporations, but also small startups, and even assisting you in venturing off to start your own company.

Throughout the 3+ years DevMountain has been teaching aspiring engineers how to code and we have had many student entrepreneur success stories. For example, we had two students come to DevMountain to execute on an online reputation management idea. After 12 weeks of collaboration, learning, and building on their capstone group project, the two alumni ran with the software product after DevMountain’s bootcamp. Soon after the DevMountain graduates raised over 500k in venture funding, and now are successfully running a startup that is proving to be super impactful.

We also have had a group of students execute on an idea in class that ultimately was accepted into TechStars London. The students raised capital, hired more DevMountain alumni and took off to the UK. The social network for cancer patients is now called Spero. They have since returned to the states after raising capital and are heads down building and growing.

At DevMountain, we’re a team of real world professionals who are invested in the success of the next wave of new coders. With one-on-one mentoring, we’re able to tailor your education to your personal and professional objectives, give you valuable insights and advice on your work and learning, and see you through to achieving your goals. The valuable connections you’ll form with both successful and up-and-coming coders alike will expand your business connections and teach you important lessons about real world success. Connect with and be inspired by people who share your goals and are working hard to achieve them in an environment that fosters learning and creativity.

Ready to make your dreams a reality? Check out our upcoming start dates and apply now. Not ready to apply? You can request a syllabus to see what you will learn throughout our curriculum, or meet our team to see who you’ll be learning from. We strive to make our program one of the most accessible in the nation, as well as one of the highest quality and best known. The world of technology is moving fast, let us help you keep up.

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