Why Are Tech Companies Coming to Utah?

Why Are Tech Companies Coming to Utah?

Silicon Slopes is a technology hub, similar to the well-known Silicon Valley, situated between Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah, filled with large and small tech companies that have swarmed to Utah for a variety of reasons, including getting tax incentives, hiring tech workers, and taking advantage of the low cost of living. But, why are tech companies continuing to call Utah home?

At Devmountain, we’ve not only seen the rapid growth happening in Utah’s tech scene, we’ve been part of it. Our first location was in Provo before we opened our second location in Salt Lake City. Now, we’ve combined locations to be right in the heart of Silicon Slopes: Lehi, Utah. You can sign up for a tour of our Lehi campus if you’d like to see what we’re talking about.

So, why are tech companies coming to Utah, and how can you become part of a tech company?

Tech Companies Are Coming to Utah: Here’s Why

Tech Companies Are Coming to Utah: Here’s Why

First, in order to have a tech company, you need to have tech workers, which is one reason why tech companies have come to Utah. There are workers in Utah who can work for tech companies.

Second, the low cost of living in Utah, when compared to tech hubs like San Francisco, helps tech companies employ talented tech workers without breaking the bank.

Third, companies can get tax incentives. For instance, when Facebook decided to build a data center in Eagle Mountain, Utah, they got a reported $150 million tax incentive.

What Big Tech Companies Are Located in Utah?

What Big Tech Companies Are Located in Utah?

There are too many tech companies in Utah to reasonably list, but some of the big, well-known companies to have locations in Utah include Adobe, eBay, Microsoft, and Facebook.

There are also other notable tech companies that may not be as well-known with locations in Utah, like Overstock.com, Bluehost, Purple, Ancenstry.com, and 1-800 Contacts.

As Silicon Slopes grows, with events like the annual Silicon Slopes Tech Summit, the list of tech companies continues to grow, too. At Devmountain, we’re proud to be a part of that list.

How Could You Become Part of a Tech Company?

How Could You Become Part of a Tech Company?

Of course, not everybody in Utah works for a tech company or even wants to work for a tech company, but what about people who do want to become part of a tech company? How can you change your career and make the move to tech?

One option is Devmountain. Now, coding bootcamps aren’t for everyone, but they can be completed quickly, making them an attractive solution for anyone who has the determination and gumption to see challenging yet rewarding courses through to the end.

After all, what’s thirteen weeks worth for a chance at a better future on a career track that you could love? Nobody in the tech industry has the exact same background; everybody came from somewhere different. Why not add your story to theirs if you want to?

Can Devmountain Help You Enter the World of Tech?

As a development and design bootcamp, Devmountain can help you learn how to code, design, or test modern web and software applications, helping prepare you for an entry-level job in web development, iOS development, UX design, or software QA. These skills can help you enter the world of tech, furthering or changing your career. Why not view upcoming courses right now?

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