Your Guide to Living in Dallas: The Best Things To Do In Dallas, Texas

Everything is Bigger in Texas, Right?

Dallas is big. Like, really big. And there are a lot of people. Like, a lot of people. But what in the world do all these people do in this big, huge town? Does everyone just sweat all day in the Dallas heat and cheer on the Cowboys while tipping their 10-gallon hats to one another? Well, yes. Some people do that. But there’s a lot more history, diversity, and culture that makes Dallas such an enjoyable place to live. Oh, and, of course, there’s a Devmountain campus, too. That’s a big, huge deal as well.

Things to Do in Dallas

Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park

We know Devmountain offers intellectual thrills on a daily basis but for thrills more along the lines of bungee jumping and catapulting toward space, you can visit Zero Gravity. Prices for this Texas-sized amusement hover around thirty-five to one hundred dollars, depending on how much adrenaline-pumping fun you want to experience.

Nasher Sculpture Center

If modern and contemporary sculpture is your thing or if you’re interested in finding a new thing, you can visit the inspirational Nasher Sculpture Center. You can sign up for a museum tour to get an in-depth look at current exhibits or you can look around at your leisure. You can even pick up lunch at the Nasher Cafe before calling it a day.

Klyde Warren Park

A visit to Klyde Warren Park isn’t like a visit to your normal, run-of-the-mill park. For starters, the park spans five acres, but, more importantly, it’s uniquely situated over an 8-lane freeway. This urban oasis hosts regular events, features dining options, and has daily activities, such as croquet and chess for visitors. Self-parking around the park costs about ten dollars.

Sports in and around Dallas

Talking about Dallas without mentioning sports is somewhat impossible because there are so many great teams and venues in the area. You can enjoy everything the Dallas Stars and Dallas Mavericks have to offer at the American Airlines Center, and you can also hop over to Arlington (about thirty minutes away) for the Texas Rangers and treasured Dallas Cowboys. And who could forget the soccer fans? Check out the FC Dallas American Professional Soccer Club.

The State Fairgrounds and the Texas State Fair

The state fairgrounds are only a 10-minute Uber ride from campus, which is ideal for some fun in October when the historic State Fair of Texas gets set up in town. Put on your cowboy hat and get ready to say howdy and yee-haw as you pass by Big Tex, the iconic tall cowboy who towers over the fair, greeting everyone who stops by. Out of all the things to do in Dallas, don’t miss this one.

Traveling Throughout Dallas

With buses, light rail lines, and streetcars, there are plenty of ways to explore Dallas. You, of course, can carpool with fellow students to get wherever you need to as well. If you are going to the downtown and midtown areas, you can take advantage of the free streetcars. For traveling farther out, get on one of the four light rail lines and take it to a stop near Dallas attractions.

Devmountain On-Campus and Nearby Amenities

Free On-Campus Fitness Center

We have an on-site fitness center that is free for students to use. You can keep yourself physically active while avoiding the summer heat. Working out makes for a great study break, especially if you’ve found yourself eating too much barbeque.

Evolve: A Transformative Gym

For more intense workout options, check out Evolve, a gym located next door to campus. They offer personal and group training sessions that aim to transform you from the inside out. So, you’ll be able to work out and eat out near campus, you know, for balance.

Get Your Grocery Shopping Done

If you need to take care of some emergency grocery shopping,  7/11 and Royal Blue Grocery are a few blocks away. (And you might as well get used to 7/11 if you aren’t already. It stared in Dallas, after all.) For everything else, many of our students use Wal-Mart Delivery or AmazonFresh. Nothing makes you feel like royalty quite like getting your groceries delivered.

Explore the Dallas Farmers Market

Not sure what to do in Dallas? The Dallas Farmers Market is a quick walk down the road from campus, featuring unique food stalls, fun vendors, and events on almost every weekday. It’s just one of many fun things to do in Dallas.

Find Some New Places to Eat Out

Deep Ellum Boasts Food and Fun

A hop, a skip, and a jump away from campus, you’ll find Deep Ellum, a historic and fun neighborhood filled with unique restaurants and bars. Carpool or walk over with some friends to see what food and drink strike your fancy while you enjoy quality hipster vibes in an artistic atmosphere. Maybe you’ll see avocado toast painted in a street mural somewhere.

Pecan Lodge

If you like delicious barbeque that has been described as heavenly and out-of-this-world, you should check out the Pecan Lodge. It’s a 22-minute walk from campus and costs between eleven and thirty dollars. Note that they are closed on Mondays.

Ascension Coffee

There is much more than coffee at Ascension Coffee. It can be your go-to place for breakfast and brunch at just a 9-minute walk from campus. Plan on spending between eleven and thirty dollars for everything from pancakes to sandwiches, and, of course, coffee.

Cane Rosso

Located in Deep Ellum, Cane Rosso is an 18-minute walk from campus and features excellent pizza in the eleven-to-thirty dollar range. You can enjoy traditional wood-fired pizza made from either original or gluten-free dough.

Bread Zeppelin

If you want to go on an 11-minute walk from campus for lunch, you can find yummy salads and sandwiches at pun-named Bread Zeppelin. Most menu items are less than ten dollars and there is always a large assortment of salad toppings to choose from.

Oni Ramen

Also located in Deep Ellum, Oni Ramen is a great place to get savory ramen in the, you guessed it, eleven to thirty dollar range. Not all ramen is cheap, after all. You can be there in about twenty-four minutes if you walk from campus.

Can You Weather Dallas’ Weather?

There’s no denying that Dallas summers are incredibly hot and humid, averaging a high of 96 degrees Fahrenheit in both July and August. You’ll need to remember to stay hydrated if you venture outside for long.

On the flip side, winters are known for being mild, averaging a low of 37 degrees Fahrenheit in January, so while you’ll need to at least keep your jackets and coats around, you may not need them all the time.

Spring and autumn bring pleasant weather to the area, allowing you to go on a long walk, have a middle-of-the-day picnic, or simply enjoy being outdoors. It’s perfect weather for finding things to do in Dallas and the surrounding areas. There are also a lot of great fishing spots.

All in all, Dallas is great for you if you enjoy experiencing four distinct seasons and can put up with feeling slightly sticky in the heat of the summer months.

*All information is provided as a courtesy and is subject to change. Students and prospective students will want to verify information on their own accordingly.

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