Your Guide to Living in Lehi

Overview: What the hell is Lehi?

Unless you’re from Utah, you’ve probably never heard of Lehi (pronounced lee-HIGH). It’s a city of about 60,000 people along the Wasatch Front, which is the corridor in Utah where pretty much everyone lives. (The rest of the state is a mix of dust and majestic vistas.) The thing that makes Lehi special is it’s the mid point between the Provo and Salt Lake metro areas, and new office buildings are popping up there like weeds. This is considered the heart of Utah’s Silicon Slopes.

Here is a list of tech companies with offices near Lehi: Adobe, Microsoft, IM Flash, Dell EMC, Bluehost, Digicert, Domo, eBay, Henry Shein, Instructor, Qualtrics, LANDesk, MX, InContact, Overstock, Pluralsight, Proofpoint, Sandisk, Stubhub, Usana, Workfront, Xactware, & the NSA

The Devmountain campus is located just east of Adobe’s Lehi offices. (In fact, you’ll probably end up driving underneath the Adobe building to get to the Lehi campus, which is both kind of weird and awesome.) 

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Things to Do in Lehi

We know what you’re thinking: how am I ever supposed to get all my coursework done in the party capital that is Lehi, UT? We are confident you will find a way. 

While the vast majority of our students spend the vast majority of their time learning, coding, designing, or sleeping, we don’t want your time at Devmountain to turn into a scene from The Shining…

There are things to do when you need to blow off steam. For example:

The Void

If you have $30 burning a hole in your pocket, The Void is less than 10 miles away in Lindon. They offer a number of stunning virtual reality experiences, like being a Ghostbuster or leading a team for the Rebel Alliance in the Star Wars universe. Think of it like a holodeck from TV or the movies, except it’s less likely to malfunction and trap you in a life or death situation. 

Seven Peaks Family Fun Center

Are you too big for go-carts and bumper boats? Probably. Does that mean you can’t manage to have a great time? Absolutely not. You might also be interested in the mini golf course, mini bowling, or actual-size laser tag. While you’re there, take time to notice the not-at-all-creepy replica of Mt. Rushmore. 

Outlets at Traverse Mountain

Whether you love bargains or just crave the ambiance of a Banana Republic, the Outlets at Traverse Mountain can help and are visible from the Devmountain campus. They have dozens of stores for whenever you’re running low on shoes, pants, kitchen gadgets, or Samsonite luggage. 

Thanksgiving Point

What happens when you sell a now-completely-obsolete word processing software for nearly a billion dollars in the 90s? A 500+ acre complex of farms, museums, and gardens happens. Thanksgiving Point is hard to explain. I guess it’s just your typical place to catch a movie, walk through millions of tulips, pet a horse, see dinosaur bones, eat lunch, play some golf, shop for crafts, and take in a butterfly biosphere. 

Skiing & Snowboarding

We aren’t really sure how many world-class ski resorts there are within 90 minutes of our campus, but it’s at least eight. (Maybe one or two more depending on how fast you drive.) Time on the slopes is the perfect activity for anyone who has a winter day to spare, loves adventure, and isn’t afraid of the potential of surgical knee repair. 

Timpanogos Cave & Nature

Utah is lousy with natural beauty. It’s hard to get around without running into a National Forest (seven), National Park (five), or National Monument (six). If you visit in summer, and can survive the 1.5 mile walk that climbs over 1,100 feet, Timpanogos (tim-puh-NO-gus) Cave is worth the trip, and is less than ten miles away from the Devmountain campus. 

Fun fact: Every county in Utah has part of a national forest inside its boundaries.

Frontrunner to Salt Lake, Ogden, or Provo

If you do need to get out of Lehi, most of the Devmountain housing is about 1.5 miles away from the Lehi Frontrunner Station, which offers commuter-train service to Salt Lake, Ogden, or Provo.

Local Amenities

Grocery Stores

There are two grocery stores nearby Devmountain’s Lehi housing. The first is Harmon’s, which is super cool but not cheap. It’s the kind of place to go if you’re hankering for an artisan cheese and a local craft brew. The other option is Smith’s, which is owned by the Kroger chain. Perhaps it doesn’t have the same glamour factor as Harmon’s, but if you’re just trying to buy frozen pizza pockets, it really shouldn’t matter. 

Gyms & Fitness

Orange Theory Fitness is a few miles away. You can buy four, eight, or an unlimited number of fitness classes per month for about $60 to $150. American Athlete is also nearby, and it seems like a good place to lift weights and high-five a guy who calls himself “Tommy Guns” after you flip over a tractor tire. For $125 a year you can workout during any open gym time when a class is not in session. Within a 15-minute drive, you’ll also find CrossFit Lehi, The Ninja Playground, Anytime Fitness, and VASA Fitness—all of these places are pretty much exactly what they sound like.


Tech bros and gals need food too, and at lunchtime Lehi is swarming with dudes in cargo shorts and girls in zip hoodies eating at all the chain restaurant you can imagine. But there are some local chains close by that visitors may not be familiar with. Cubby’s does sandwiches and salads. It both tastes and costs above average. JDawgs started selling hot dogs in a ridiculously tiny shack in Provo and has grown into a local staple. Make sure to get the JDawg sauce; it’s pretty much the whole point. JCW makes a mean burger. Chedda Burger is a good place to go if you have a cardiologist on retainer. Village Baker makes sandwiches that come with inch-thick, to-die-for bread. And Ramen Nation is a good place to go if you’re sick of ramen noodles that cost less than $9.

Other Important Things


The average high in July is 90 degrees, but, as they say, “it’s a dry heat.” In January the average high is 37 degrees. Coats are essential in the winter and hydration is essential in the summer. Every other month falls somewhere in between. It doesn’t rain much. Snow is a decent possibility any time December through March. It’s typically safe to plant tomatoes after Mother’s Day. 

Angry Dancing

Like most people you probably have a deep urge to recreate the angry dancing scene from the 80s hit movie Footloose. For reference:

You can do so at the Lehi Roller Mills, the location from the film, which is about ten minutes away. Of course you’ll need permission and your own VW Bug. And if you want the actual John Lithgow to appear in your flashbacks, you’ll have to work that out with his agent.

So there you go! Lehi is a great area to be in.

*All information is provided as a courtesy and is subject to change. Students and prospective students will want to verify information on their own accordingly.

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