Your Guide to Living in Phoenix: Things to See, Eat, and Do in Phoenix, Arizona

Living on the Surface of the Sun Now Includes Perks

Okay, you’re not really living on the surface of the sun in Phoenix. You’re just living in a fun-filled western desert that happens to almost always be hot. That being said, it’s a great place to live, study, and work, for many tech enthusiasts. And going outside in a T-shirt and shorts in the middle of winter is always nice, too. In a nutshell, there are tons of things to do in Phoenix.

It’s also important to note that Phoenix is a city. It’s big and it has a lot going on. There aren’t too many tumbleweeds and cacti to contend with. Not everybody rides into town on a horse, asking which way to the watering hole. There is art, culture, theatre, nightlife, and fine dining. A lot of people choose to live here for a reason. So, what are some things to do in Phoenix today?

The Hottest Things to Do in Phoenix

Meet Up in CityScape

Check out CityScape in the heart of downtown Phoenix. This 2-block area is always bustling with great energy, good vibes, and awesome attractions. You can choose from more than twenty delicious restaurants to eat at in between shopping at unique stores and enjoying urban art. CityScape is the place to go if you’re looking for sophisticated entertainment and nightlife.

Visit the Phoenix Art Museum

For those of you who are feeling artsy and maybe a little bit introspective, downtown Phoenix has one of the largest art museums in the southwestern United States. You’ll find modern and contemporary art in various styles as well as photography exhibitions and fashion design. It is also home to the lush Dorrance Sculpture Garden.

Attend the Talking Stick Resort Arena

If you like basketball, then you’ll love being nearby the Talking Stick Resort Arena, as it’s home to the Phoenix Suns of the NBA (root for the home team, right?) and the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA. You’ll also find that regular concerts and other events are held in the arena throughout the year. Being downtown, transportation to and from the arena is easy with the light rail.

Explore Mill Avenue with Friends

Having a fun night out is possible in Tempe along the well-known Mill Avenue. This area is lined with restaurants and shops and is known for its nightlife and entertainment. You’ll never know what you’ll find until you go and explore the area for yourself since there are so many unique details to take in. Chances are, you’ll have a lot of fun.

Traveling Around Town in the Heat

The Devmountain campus is located in downtown Phoenix near the Hohokam Expressway and right off Washington Street. With the light rail system going through downtown, you can explore shopping, restaurants, bars, and art in the communities of Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe. Whether you’re carpooling with fellow students to avoid the summer heat or biking and walking in winter to enjoy the outdoors, there are many options for getting around the Phoenix area.

Great Amenities at and by Devmountain

Did We Mention Air Conditioning?

We aren’t joking around when we say one of the perks of studying at Devmountain is the air conditioning. When it’s more than one hundred degrees outside, it’s nice and cool inside. You may actually find it easier to focus on studying, even though there are plenty of things to do in Phoenix, thanks to the heat. It may help if you think about it like you’re paying for the air conditioning and the education is free.

Included Housing for Full-time Students

Want to be at the campus in two minutes? Take part in one of our immersive programs. Once accepted, we’ll help you get situated in our included housing, which is only a 2-minute walk from campus. That’s right. You could live next to our campus for no additional cost.

Work Out for Free in the Fitness Center

The walk to campus is short but we know it can feel long when it’s hot outside. We also know it can be difficult to stay active when going outside is like stepping into a frying pan so finding an indoor space to work out is important. Luckily, if you’re living in the housing provided by Devmountain, you can work out for no extra cost in the housing fitness center.

Cool Off for Free in the Pool

Our inclusive housing option also features a pool that students can use while they are enrolled in an immersive Devmountain course, so, after you’re done immersing yourself in studying for the day, you can immerse yourself in the pool. We don’t know. You do you. Maybe you want to do some laps in the morning or just hang out with some friends in the evening. It’s all cool with us.

Getting the Goods at the Grocery Store

You can take care of emergency grocery shopping by walking down the street to the Circle K, or you can drive north for a few minutes with some friends to Food City for larger trips. Some of our students are also finding AmazonFresh to be a good option for getting their grocery shopping done with minimal effort. Why go out in the heat when your groceries can be delivered to you?

Where to Eat Out Nearby

The Bread and Honey House

If you’re looking for a new breakfast and brunch place, then you should check out The Bread and Honey House, where you can find among other food, well, bread and honey. You can drive there from campus in two minutes or you can take an 11-minute walk to the north with some friends. Most items are around ten dollars or less.

Hap’s Pit Barbeque

You can take a 2-minute drive or a 9-minute walk to Hap’s Pit Barbeque just east of campus for some great ribs and pulled pork for around ten dollars or less. It gets busy, especially at lunch, so take-out might be your best option during peak hours. So, grab some food and check out some more things to do in Phoenix.

Samurai Sam’s

For those of you looking for healthier food choices when eating out, you should know that right next to Hap’s Pit Barbeque is Samurai Sam’s. Their price range is similar at less than ten dollars. Get a rice bowl and some veggies for lunch. If you’re wondering what to do in Phoenix, Samurai Sam’s is a great place to start.

Let’s Talk About the Heat

It’s a dry heat. That’s what you’ll hear a million times if you move to Phoenix. You might also hear that it’s sunny and warm but mostly you’ll hear that it’s hot, and that’s true. It’s really hot. It’s also beautiful. The sky is a deep shade of blue, the days are long, and the winters are incredibly mild. So, while you can expect an average high of 106 degrees Fahrenheit in July, and you might start cursing the sun, you can also expect an average low of 45 degrees Fahrenheit in January, and you’ll be able to truly enjoy being outdoors. That’s how life is in the urban desert.

*All information is provided as a courtesy and is subject to change. Students and prospective students will want to verify information on their own accordingly.

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