Breaking Barriers
for Every Student

Career changes can be difficult for many reasons. You may not have had the same education opportunities, or you may face unique challenges. We hear you. So we created a scholarship to help break your barriers.

1,000 scholarships, worth up to $500 each, are available to reduce tuition for qualifying courses.*

How to apply for the Breaking Barriers Scholarship

  1. Complete your application for a qualifying full-time Devmountain course with a start date in 2021. Current qualifying courses are Web Development, Java Software Engineering, Python Software Engineering, iOS App Development, Cybersecurity, and Data Analytics. 
  2. The scholarship application is part of the application for enrollment. Simply fill in the blanks for describing your barrier and how a scholarship will help you overcome it (see Eligibility Requirements below). This portion should only take a few minutes.
  3. You will be notified of your scholarship status within two business days of when you receive your admissions decision. 

Devmountain Courses

Devmountain offers  in-person and remote programs with full-time or part-time options.  Campuses online or in Lehi, UT and Dallas, TX. Financing is available for those who qualify.




Less than Average
Bootcamp Tuition


Average Course Report/
SwitchUp Rating

Info accurate as of 10/1/2021. Average tuition taken from 2021 Course Report ($13,584) and Best Colleges ($13,579) surveys.  Perspective students should verify.

*Eligibility Requirements

Scholarship applications will be reviewed by a member of the Devmountain brand admissions team and be awarded based on the candidates’ answers to the scholarship questions. A scholarship will be awarded to any candidate who: 
  1. Describes a barrier to their educational pursuits;
  2. Provides an explanation of their need that reaches the required character threshold while making a reasonable, good faith attempt at describing their barrier (a reasonable, good faith attempt to describe the barrier will not included (a) plagiarism, (b) repetitions, incoherent, or meaningless phrases designed to reach the required character threshold (c) language generally considered racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive, (d) verifiably false statements, (e) responses unrelated to the question being asked, or (f) anything else that clearly shows bad faith by the applicant);
  3. Completes an application (including the personal Information, Consultation, and Skill Review sections) for a qualifying program in 2021 (current Qualifying programs include (a) Data Analytics, (b) Front-End Web Development, (c) Java Software Engineering, (d) Python Software Engineering), (e) iOS App Development, and (f) Cybersecurity;
  4. Is admitted into a qualifying Devmountain program;
  5. Provides all documentation and information required by Strayer University and the representatives of the Devmountain brand that is necessary for enrollment; 
  6. Provides a seat deposit before the qualifying course begins;
  7. Arranges appropriate financing before the qualifying course begins (students are encouraged to consider any financing option that works best for them. They may pay up front or work with a third-party lender. Federal loans are not available for Devmountain brand courses); 
  8. And completes all requirements while scholarships are still available.
These scholarships may not be combined with other scholarships, offers, or discounts, except where explicitly stated in the terms of other scholarships, offers, or discounts. Scholarships are non-transferable and have no redeemable cash value. One scholarship may be awarded to a student per enrollment in a qualifying course. No more than two of these scholarships will be awarded within a twelve-month period. If a student is allowed by Devmountain staff to transfer their membership or application to another cohort of the same course, or another qualifying course, then the student may retain their scholarship, otherwise a new scholarship application will be required for any new cohort or qualifying course the student may wish to transfer to.  These terms and conditions are subject to change. Current terms and conditions will always be made publicly available at the point of application.  View all Devmountain scholarships.