Can I Get College Credit at a Coding Bootcamp?

The American Council on Education’s National Guide recommends both Devmountain’s Coding Basics (3 credits) and our Foundations (15 credits) curriculum for college credit.

Should you choose to attend a college or university down the road, students may be eligible to transfer those credits (up to the combined 18), depending on your college’s admissions criteria.

Who is ACE?

ACE, or the American Council on Education, is a Washington, D.C.-based membership organization whose mission is to mobilize the higher education community to shape effective public policy and foster innovative, high-quality practice. Their Learning Evaluations team examines a wide-range of adult learning programs to validate and recommend varied learning contexts. “ACE recommends quality teaching and training wherever it happens.” Hundreds of colleges and universities accept ACE-recommended courses for credit toward their degree programs.1“Evaluations, Credits, and Transcripts,” Programs and Services, American Council on Education, accessed November 16, 2022,

Devmountain Courses and Bootcamps for College Credit

Coding Basics

Coding Basics may earn 3 college credits from 42 hours of online study over the course of four weeks and focuses on the fundamental building blocks of coding through Front End Web Development topics. It’s perfect if you’re just getting started and want to test the coding bootcamp waters—and still come away with potentially transferable course credit.



The Foundations curriculum makes up the first half of our full and part-time courses lasting 16–32 weeks. Foundations provides up to 15 college credits for 280 hours of focused bootcamp learning over 8–16 weeks.  The credits ACE recommends for Devmountain’s Foundations are:

  • Introduction to Coding (3 credits)
  • JavaScript (3 credits)
  • Introduction to Databases (3 credits)
  • Web Development (3 credits)
  •  Introduction to Software Engineering (3 credits)

For more about the significance of Devmountain’s ACE recommendation to your post-secondary career, read our blog “Devmountain Education Recommended for College Credit.”

University Coding Bootcamp

In the last few years, university bootcamps have sprung up around the country with varying levels of college affiliations, college credit, and financial aid. Devmountain has led immersive, hands-on, and accessibly priced design and coding bootcamps for nearly ten years.

As part of one of the United States’ best and most flexible institutions of higher education, Strayer University, Devmountain leads the Strayer University bootcamp experience for its learners whether remotely online, or in-person at campuses in Lehi, Utah, and Dallas, Texas.

Continue Learning with Devmountain

From popular bootcamps like Web Development and Python Software Engineer and unique offerings like UX Design to new and emerging fields like Cybersecurity, your ideal cohort of a Devmountain bootcamp will be underway soon. With financing and scholarship options and a career support team working alongside you while you learn, there aren’t too many more reasons to delay leveling up your skills and taking steps to change your career.

Of course, an ACE recommendation of Devmountain bootcamps for college credit adds just one more level of confidence. But it’s still a big decision, and we’re to help you with any remaining questions. Fill out the form, leave a text number or give us a call.