In-person or Remote,  Full-Time or Part-Time 

Cybersecurity Course Summary


16 weeks

Mon – Fri, 9 am – 5 pm



Learn how to use Python and Linux with hands-on projects on your way to becoming a Cybersecurity Engineer.

What Is Cybersecurity?

The internet is one of the marvels of the modern world. Not only did it revolutionize research, healthcare, government, commerce, cat videos, and life as we know it, it also gave rise to an entirely new world of crime. (Seems like the world wide web was about ten minutes old before someone got the first email from a far-off prince asking for banking information.) 


The online theft of money, identity, or information are rough for everyday people and the companies they do business with, and with sad frequency you’ll regularly hear about security breaches that cost millions of dollars and destroyed customer trust. 


Like a noble sheriff in the old west, the cybersecurity expert steps onto this lawless scene looking to restore order. These modern-day heroes keep the good folks of the internet safe by protecting data and other valuables that fly around online, and greater security is definitely needed.

Would You Be a Good Cybersecurity Engineer?

Just because cybersecurity is now needed just about everywhere, doesn’t mean that most everyone is cut out for the work. You might do well in this field if you are:

Altruistic and really care about helping people

Good at staying calm in tense situations

Curious and like to pull at loose threads

Known for being diligent and exacting

A good teammate

What Is Taught
in the Devmountain Cybersecurity Course?

The 16-week Cybersecurity course is designed to teach you how to protect online data using modern technologies, so you can work as a Cybersecurity Engineer.


Devmountain’s cybersecurity course will cover core programming language skills for use in security engineering including Python and Linux, as well as networking principles, software systems, core and offensive security practices, and standards, maintenance, and communication.


It will also include two sprints: a security audit and comprehensive report, and a proposal of a set of security improvements for an existing system. This project-based portion of the course will give students hands-on experience and help to build their portfolios.

Get the Cybersecurity Course Outline

If you’re curious about other differences between the programs, or you want a unit-by-unit outline of what’s taught in each of our classes, then get yourself a course outline or two.

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Differences between Cybersecurity 

Remote and In-Person Learning

When taught remotely, Web Development is a course that’s designed to be as close to in-person as possible without being on-campus. There is live instruction, interaction with instructors, the ability to ask questions, and a way to work on projects with peers. You’ll just be at home.


The first half of the program is a shared experience with students from all courses, taught in real-time. Then, each specific course is split into their respective cohorts to learn their specialization via recorded lectures, and build portfolio projects with that skillset. 






How Much Does the Cybersecurity Course Cost?


$ 7,900

Remote (Online)


Full-Time 16 Weeks
Part-Time 24-36 Weeks

What Happens When I Enroll in the Cybersecurity Course?

Some people get nervous about applying, but there is no need. The application isn’t so much about proving your worth to us, but us helping you to determine if this course is a good fit for you. There’s no commitment during the application process, which has three parts:

If you complete your application successfully, you’ll be admitted. At that point it will be up to you whether you want to politely decline or pay your seat deposit and move ahead.

online application icon


Easy to fill out.

Phone consultation icon


The consultation is a 20-30 minute chat with an admissions counselor about you, your goals, and your questions.
Skill review icon


The skill review is an opportunity to gauge how well you might learn that material and whether or not you like learning about web development.

How Can A Coding Bootcamp 

Help With Your Career?

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Optimize Your Resume.
Build Your Brand.

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Career Advice and Interview Prep

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Employer Networking

A weird guy once came into our campus to tell us that in two years there would be no more websites. We don’t want to shock you, but it turns out that guy was wrong.

There are constantly new sites, web applications, or software being created, updated, or maintained. Working hard in our Web Development program can prepare you for entry-level positions in front-end development, back-end development, and some full-stack development.

If you already have a career you love, adding web development skills can make you an even better marketer, project manager, product manager, technical recruiter, or entrepreneur.

See All the Upcoming Cybersecurity Cohorts

CourseCourse DatesSchedule and Time ZoneTuitionLocationDeadline to EnrollApply
cyber-securityOct 11 - Feb 04Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pmMountain (Utah)$7,900Online, RemoteOct 04, 2021sessions=539&courseType=cyber-security-fullFull-Timecyber_new.pngCyber Security
cyber-securityOct 11 - Feb 04Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pmMountain (Utah)$7,900LehiOct 04, 2021sessions=537&courseType=cyber-security-fullFull-Timecyber_new.pngCyber Security
cyber-securityOct 25 - Feb 18Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pmCentral (Texas)$7,900Online, RemoteOct 18, 2021sessions=535&courseType=cyber-security-fullFull-Timecyber_new.pngCyber Security
cyber-securityOct 25 - Feb 18Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pmCentral (Texas)$7,900DallasOct 18, 2021sessions=533&courseType=cyber-security-fullFull-Timecyber_new.pngCyber Security
cyber-securityNov 08 - Mar 04Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pmMountain (Utah)$7,900LehiNov 01, 2021sessions=530&courseType=cyber-security-fullFull-Timecyber_new.pngCyber Security
cyber-securityNov 08 - Mar 04Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pmMountain (Utah)$7,900Online, RemoteNov 01, 2021sessions=531&courseType=cyber-security-fullFull-Timecyber_new.pngCyber Security
cyber-securityNov 09 - Jul 30Tues and Thurs 6:30PM - 9:00PM, Saturdays 9:00AM to 5PMMountain (Utah)$7,900Online, RemoteNov 02, 2021sessions=567&courseType=cyber-security-partPart-Timecyber_new.pngCyber Security
cyber-securityNov 29 - Mar 25Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pmEastern (New York)$7,900Online, RemoteNov 22, 2021sessions=527&courseType=cyber-security-fullFull-Timecyber_new.pngCyber Security