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Information about Devmountain Events

Learn More About Bootcamps — Join Devmountain for our Virtual Open House

If you’re ready to learn the skills that can launch a new career or still trying to figure out if a bootcamp is right for you, we hope you’ll drop by our virtual open house.


Whether you want to listen quietly or speak up, this is a great opportunity to observe one of our instructors, get a feel for if you like us, and learn about potential next steps. 


We love changing lives by teaching code and related skills and are excited to share our passion with you!

Other Devmountain Events

From time to time we host other events, ranging from speaker panels, fireside chats (the fire is usually metaphorical), industry meetups, career events, and more. 


Whether you’re interested in learning more about us, building up your own tech skills, or just looking for a place to hide out with like minded individuals, we hope you’ll join us. 

Students at Devmountain networking event

Frequent Devmountain Events

Panel discussions at Devmountain event

Panel Discussions

You might learn from industry pros how to improve your web development, iOS, UX, or QA skills, or maybe get tips on interviewing from recruiters or hiring managers.

Project Presentations and Demo Days

Graduating students and alumni share their projects and demonstrate their ideas for friends, family, and fellow tech enthusiasts.

Devmountain networking meetup club

Meetups and Clubs

From iOS programmers to corporate recruiters, and all the miscellaneous tech junkies in between, we’ve hosted many different meetup groups. Interested in having your group’s event at Devmountain?
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Devmountain training lecture

Training and Lectures

You could learn about how to use Google AI™ to solve the world’s problems or hear about best practices for documentation—all the sorts of things party animals love.

Devmountain employer event

Employer Events

Sometimes we invite employers onto campus to meet with students or students to events to meet with employers.

Devmountain hackathon

Sacrifices to Vulcan

Why risk being blown sky-high by a volcano when the gods can be appeased by throwing small fish into a bonfire at the Temple of Jupiter?

Check Out Our Event Calendar

We try to have something going on regularly at all of our campuses.
(And sometimes, there might even be pizza.)