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Online Student Schedule

Our iOS development course online is rigorous. That’s why we break up your learning with lectures, presentations, labs and project building. Having the flexibility to complete iOS training has never been easier thanks to our checkpoints. In order to finish your iOS course on time, you will need to hit the following checkpoints:

Part One


You’ll learn everything you need to know about developing iOS apps with the help of our library of 100+ training videos. You will learn about app development, debugging, design, and other practical programming skills. Our videos teach concepts necessary to being an intermediate iOS developer. Watch the videos at any pace. The only limit is your own motivation.

Part Two


Upon admission, you’ll set a time to meet regularly 1-on-1 with your mentors and instructors to help you understand how the iOS programming concepts can be applied in your own projects. Additionally, you will receive personalized advice for building your own app portfolio, applying for jobs in the industry, and preparing to discuss technical concepts in interviews or networking scenarios.

Part Three


By creating your own personal projects, with help from mentors, you will really start to become a programmer. Personal projects range from beginner programming practice sessions, to full-blown iPhone apps, built from the ground up.

What You'll Learn

During our iOS development course online you will learn iOS frameworks such as iOS 11, Swift 4, Xcode 9, and more. Take a look:



Apple has their own code editor, and we cover the design and debugging features that are built into the coding environment to help you become comfortable making and submitting apps. There are lots of ins and outs to learn, but we’ll get you using Xcode everyday.



Swift is quickly becoming the primary language used to develop iOS apps, and we dive deep using it to create personal projects. Even though we accept beginners, this is not your everyday Swift course. We use Swift from Day 1, and by the end you should be job-ready.



While Swift is the future of iOS development, Objective-C has a long history as the main programming language on iOS. Knowing Objective-C is a vital skill for iOS developers. You’ll learn Objective-C, including writing an app in it, so that you’ll be well prepared to read and understand the wealth of Objective-C available, and you’ll be comfortable working on any project.


Programming for UI/UX

In order to make great apps, they have to look good, too. We’ll teach you how to interface builders through autolayout, customer animations, and other practices for building beautiful app interfaces.


App Design

Once you know how to program beautiful apps, you need to design the layout and look of those apps. We’ll cover common looks, as well as processes for designing. Additionally, you’ll learn the differences in UI Design for the iPhone and iPad.



There is more to programming than typing code. Great programmers use their knowledge of application architecture to design systems that are reliable, robust, easy to update in the future, and easy for other developers to understand. In our course we’ll cover architectures and design patterns that iOS developers need to know to build code that lasts.



Every app has to deal with collecting, indexing, and displaying data. Our course will cover different data models, incorporating third-party code, and generating data-filled displays with dynamic information. We’ll also teach you about algorithms and data structures that you can use to make your app handle data as efficiently as possible.



You can’t build apps without learning how to debug them. We’ll train you on several methods for identifying and fixing bus, including Xcode tools, Apple Documentation, and a myriad of online resources. Our instructors and mentors will also guide you through common programming mistakes, and the problems you face while building your own apps.



Finally, when you’re ready with that perfectly-prepared app, you need to submit it to the App Store. We’ll guide you through the process of registering as an Apple Developer, submitting your apps for review, code signing, provisioning, and testing your apps. We’ve helped students launch hundreds of apps - and we’ll include marketing advice for succeeding in the app marketplace.

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