Become an iOS Developer in 12 Weeks


Mon–Fri, 9am-5pm


Personal Guidance


Salt Lake City, UT & Dallas, TX

What You'll Learn (Curriculum)


Learn to create, manage, and navigate your projects in Apple's IDE for Cocoa Development.


Work with Apple's brand new programming language and be ready for new Swift-only projects and frameworks.


You still need Objective-C to be a great iOS developer. You'll feel comfortable working in any project.


Build standard and custom interfaces programmatically and using Storyboards. You'll learn autolayout, custom animations, and more.


Use best practices to create great looking, intuitive apps on all platforms. We'll cover the iPhone, iPad, and the new Apple Watch.


Follow best practices for MVC application architecture design. You will be ready to work on teams and apps of any size.


Interact with Location Services, Maps, and Photos. Build apps with relational data using Core Data, CloudKit, Parse, and RESTful web services.


Integrate and contribute to third-party code. Learn from the best while quickly building new, complex apps.


Fix bugs using Xcode tools, Apple Documentation, and online resources. Instructors and mentors are here to help.


Wrap around code signing, provisioning, testing and submitting your apps. Get expert marketing instruction to succeed on the App Store.


Become a part of the local and worldwide iOS community. Participate in blogs, podcasts, hackathons, and meetups.


The world of mobile development changes quickly. We are constantly updating and refining our curriculum and projects to produce the best iOS developers.





Daily Schedule

Mon–Fri, 9am-5pm // 600 Course Hours

Upcoming Start Dates

9 AM

Toy Problem

Class Warm Up

Previous day reviews and code exercises that strengthen concepts and skills

10 AM


Instructor-led Lessons

Learn key objectives through guided practice, discussions, presentations, guest lectures and activities

12:30 PM


Nom nom time

Continue to work through lunch, grab a bite at a local spot, or make your own at our on-campus kitchens

1:30 PM


Labs & Workstation

Guided practice with on-hand mentors to work on weekly, personal, and group projects. Work on labs solo or in groups. Receive over-the-shoulder help whenever it is needed.

3 PM

Sit Downs

One-on-one check-ins

Regular check-ins from our student success crew, employer relations team, and instructors / mentors

5 PM

Open campus, 24/7

End of formal class

Many mentors live in DevMountain housing and stay on campus around the clock. Campus is open to mentors, employees, instructors, and of course students all day everyday!

Take control of your education. Next class starts soon. Join us.

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Tuition & Schedule


We don't call this a Bootcamp lightly. The full-time class is the best immersive coding experience you can find. It's a world-class coding education. It's also a grind—8 or 10 or 12 hour days of instruction, 1:1 mentoring, and work. You'll live, eat, sleep, and breathe code for 13 weeks. Prior experience is a bonus, but we have additional resources for students willing to work, no matter the experience level.

This class is great for those who are serious about learning to code. If you want to code as a career, this is the place to do it. There's no better place in the country for this price to get nearly two years worth of world-class education.

If you have any questions about tuition, want to learn more about our payment options, or for anything at all please reach out to the DevMountain team. We want to make DevMountain's education as accessible as possible to as many people as we can. Connect with us.

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  • In-Person
  • 13 weeks (5 full days/wk) of immersive code education and mentorship.

  • Created by DevMountain industy experts
  • Crucial development curriculum, career prep, guest lectures, activities, and more

  • Ongoing career & job placement support
  • Full access to our employer network
  • Hiring events

  • Full financing available

  • Free Housing included in price of full-time tuition based on availability

  • $10,900
  • Financing

    Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to come and learn, assisting through finances is just one of those ways. We know that your education is important, and we believe that a lack of funds shouldn't be a reason to not participate.


    Our FREE housing sets DevMountain apart from any other bootcamp. All full-time students can take advantage of DevMountain free housing, available on a first come first serve basis, in both Provo and Dallas.

    DevMountain housing is conveniently located close to campus, so that our students do not require a car, or public transportation to get to and from class. Close to restaurants and downtown night-life DevMountain's free student housing is just one of the many ways we let you concentrate on your education.

    "I just finished the iOS bootcamp. It was a great first step into the objective-C and swift world, and continues to be a great support community in my career."
    Scott K., DevMountain 2014 Grad

    "I had been wanting to enter the coding world for a long time and could never get much done learning on my own. Taking the iOS course from DevMountain changed everything. Having excellent instructors to push me and with a curriculum that not just helped me learn Obj C and iOS principles, but also taught me how to learn so I can continue my education after the class ended. Also, the culture there is fun and very accepting I just loved every minute of it and would suggest DevMountain to everyone."
    Derik F., DevMountain 2014 Grad

    Instructors & Mentors

    Andrew Madsen

    Program Director


    Ben Norris

    iOS Instructor

    Tanner Labs

    Jake Gundersen

    iOS Instructor

    Third Rail Games

    Joshua Howland

    iOS Instructor

    Tanner Labs

    Taylor Mott

    iOS Instructor

    DevMountain Labs

    Layne Moseley

    iOS Instructor

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