Hello future engineers!

Prepare for the iOS admission process

Hello future engineers!

To help you prepare for the iOS admissions process, here is some helpful information. Because the program requires a basic knowledge of the fundamental principles of programming, and we know that not everyone will meet this requirement, we have created two paths for students to get started. So, if you don’t have any prior programming experience, not to worry, you can brush up your skills with our optional iOS Prep Course here.

But, if you are familiar with programming and are confident in your skills, you can proceed directly to the admissions assessment. Your admissions counselor will help point you to the appropriate link for the evaluation.

The assessment is a ninety minutes multiple-choice test, with coding exercises completed in Swift 5. Swift is the preferred language for iOS development.

Devmountain iOS Development instructor Karl Pfister
Karl Pfister, Lead Program Director, iOS Development Program, Devmountain

The assessment evaluates your technical experience and your understanding of the following programming concepts:

Data types, Variables, and Program Operators

Control Flow and Logic statements

Program Iteration with loops

Modular programming with functions

Data Structures such as Arrays, Dictionaries, and Sets

Common debugging skills

Familiarity with Xcode and Swift 5

A score of 80% or higher is required. In the case where you do not meet the minimum score, our instructional team will help create a personalized learning plan to help you.



You will not be allowed to refer to notes or use the Internet to help you with syntax during the assessment. Understanding these concepts is critical to your success in the course. We will support you in gaining this knowledge to set you up for success when you start the immersive course.


It’s normal to be nervous. If you draw a blank or get stuck, that’s okay! Use this as an opportunity to identify what you understand and what you don’t.


We recommend practicing with the HackerRank quizzes before starting the assessment to ensure you are familiar with the platform and the content.

Here are some helpful resources for the Skill review:

Book: Intro to App Development with Swift: an excellent, comprehensive, and free book on Swift.

Important Note: This book contains much more than you need to know for the admissions interview,
so pay close attention to the concept list above to understand what to read in this book.

Devmountain Quizzes on HackerRank

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What is the iOS prep course?

Course Level: Beginner/Introductory

The iOS prep course is designed for non-programmers to learn the basics of computer programming. The course provides students with a fundamental understanding of programming and the skills to build a strong foundation for the iOS Engineering boot camp. The lessons are delivered as live webinars by our staff, and you get the opportunity to meet and learn with peers. Students should expect to spend 15 hours working independently through materials and 15 hours in live lectures.

Key Course Takeaways

Introduction to Xcode

Variables and data types

Operators and Conditionals




Common errors

Building your first app

Pre-Requisite Requirements

Basic computer + internet skills

The ability to type at least 25 words per minute

Proficiency in the English language

Questions or concerns?
Don’t hesitate to contact us at admissions@devmounta.in

Have more questions about attending DevMountain?

We’ve created a searchable Help Center that is full of answers to common student questions and constantly being updated. If that isn’t enough, you can always chat with a member of our admissions team.