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How Can Studying Web Dev Help With Your Career?

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Joe Warren - Devmountain Web Development Graduate

Joe Warren

Software Developer
& Integrator II | USAA

In-person Web Development
Class of 2018

Our students love us…


“At Devmountain I found exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to be fully immersed in an environment where I was being taught web development skills while surrounded by passionate instructors, mentors, and peers.”   

You Have Options


Become a job-ready developer fast.

13 weeks in-person Web Dev ⚡ at one of multiple Texas campuses.

Flexible financing available for online and in-person

Hands-on learning to build a Texas-sized portfolio

Skills to land an entry-level job in tech.

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Sample the Life of a Bootcamp Student

Start With Coding Basics Part Time Live Online. Three- or Four-Week Options. Find Out if Coding Bootcamp is Right for You. $0 no cost for residents living in or near in-person campuses in UT, TX, and GA.

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Teaching the Skills You Need to Succeed

In-Person Web Dev Near You


In Person vs. Remote



The original and best—lightning-fast learning. 

  • Available in Full-Time & Part-Time Classes
  • Usually Completed in 13 - 26 Weeks
  • Fully In-Person on Campus Learning
  • Ideal for Learners Able to Immerse Themselves
  • For Students Ready to Dive Straight into Web Dev
  • $9,900 Tuition



Our online course. 

  • Available in Full-Time & Part-Time Classes
  • Usually Completed in 16 - 34 Weeks
  • Remote learning: live and asynchronous instruction
  • Ideal for Those Who Can't Make it to Campus
  • Great for Students Who Need the Basics
  • $9,900 Tuition

What Happens When I Enroll in the Web Development Course?

Some people get nervous about applying, but there is no need. The application isn’t so much about proving your worth to us, but us helping you to determine if this course is a good fit for you. There’s no commitment during the application process, which has three parts:

If you complete your application successfully, you’ll be admitted. At that point it will be up to you whether you want to politely decline or pay your seat deposit and move ahead.

online application icon


Easy to fill out.

Phone consultation icon


The consultation is a 20-30 minute chat with an admissions counselor about you, your goals, and your questions.

Skill review icon


The skill review is an opportunity to gauge how well you might learn that material and whether or not you like learning about web development.

Frequently Asked Questions...

All our programs require students to be 18 years old by the time their course begins and have a high school diploma (or its equivalent). Most programs also require students to complete a skill review.

There are two ways to answer this question.


First, our programs are designed so that people with basic computer literacy should be able to graduate. For instance, you don’t need to have been coding since the days of Fortran, but you should feel comfortable installing programs and apps on your computer without regularly asking someone for help.


Second, all that said, we aren’t sure why anyone would choose to study something they have no experience with. A little experience with your subject will not only help you complete the course, but it will help you feel confident that you’re studying something you enjoy.

It’s called a “bootcamp” for a reason. 


Students learning to code in person should be busy for about eight hours a day for five days a week, with some homework scattered through your nights and weekends.  


In the first part of the program, students have regular lectures with time to practice what they’ve been taught. In the second half, they will largely do project work with the help of fellow students and Devmountain staff. 

For online programs, details will vary by course, but in general we have a mix of options that blend live lectures, exercises, video content, group work, and projects. 


In most courses we try to prepare you for real working environments by being more hands on in the early weeks of your course, while requiring more self-directed study (with lots of help and resources available) in the last weeks of your course.

Our in-person bootcamp students will be taught to build web applications with full-stack development (front-end and back-end) with an emphasis on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 


We also hope you’ll learn how to solve problems, find answers, work together, have a great time (even under stress), hit deadlines, and believe in yourself.


If you’d like more details, feel free to register for an info session below or reach out to an admissions counselor

Online, remote programs combine foundational programming skills with specializations. See our courses page for more information.

We cannot tell you how much you might spend, but we can tell you how much we will charge. Tuition for our in-person Web Development Bootcamp is $5,000 (with limited scholarships available). Most of our online, remote programs are $9,900. (The exceptions are Software QA, which is $4,900, and Coding Basics, which is just $49.) 


Some students choose to finance their tuition with loans, sometimes including a cost of living stipend. How much those students pay will be affected by the terms of their agreements with the lenders. 


Finally, some students may buy new computers or choose to supplement their training with other resources.

Sometimes we take our best guess, start out on a path, and then realize we don’t like where we’re heading. No biggie.


Each program has a grace period where you can drop and only forfeit the seat deposit portion of your tuition (normally $149). After that, there is a longer prorated refund period. (For specific details on refund policies by course, contact our admissions department.)


Also, students in the Web Development, Python Software Engineering, Java Software Engineering, Data Analyst, iOS App Development, and Cybersecurity programs can change their chosen area of specialization to any other program in the group within the first half of the course.

Applications have three parts.


First, you’ll fill out your personal information, which usually takes around 15 minutes.


Next, you’ll schedule a consultation with an admissions counselor. (This is our chance to make sure you’re a real person and your chance to ask any questions.) This can take 15-30 minutes.


Finally, you’ll complete a skill review, which can give you an idea of whether you’re ready for the program or what you might need to work on first. This is done online and usually takes about 30 minutes.


Once you’ve completed all that, you should receive an admissions decision. At that point, it’s up to you whether you want to move forward and enroll or pursue other options. There is no commitment until you make a seat deposit. 

Do you have a different question? Feel free to reach out to us!