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Perficient is sponsoring students in Detroit to learn to code, tuition-free.

Bright Paths Program

Perficient’s Bright Paths program will waive tuition for a 16-week, full-time coding course for admitted students.

They will be taught the skills needed for entry-level work in software engineering, quality assurance (QA) testing, data analysis, and web development.

Classes will be delivered weekdays from 10 AM to 6 PM remotely, but applicants must live near Detroit or be willing to relocate. (Open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.)

Application Deadline May 22, 2022


Course Begins June 20, 2022

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You Could Work for Perficient

Perficient is a leading global digital consultancy. They imagine, create, engineer, and run digital transformation solutions that help their clients exceed customers’ expectations, outpace competition, and grow their business.


Perficient promises to challenge, champion, and celebrate their colleagues.


They believe in developing a workforce that is as diverse and inclusive as the clients they work with. They’re constantly pursuing progress, and are committed to actively listening, learning, and acting, to further advance their organization, communities, and future leaders, always driving towards a diverse environment of inclusion and belonging.

With unparalleled strategy, creative, and technology capabilities, Perficient brings big thinking and innovative ideas, along with a practical approach to help the world’s largest enterprises and biggest brands succeed.


As an industry leader in delivering end-to-end digital solutions, Perficient is looking for the best and brightest technology and digital talent to support their growing partner and client portfolio.


Devmountain is one of two coding bootcamps Perficient has chosen to participate in the Bright Paths program. Students from Hackbright Academy, the engineering school for gender equality, will also be participating.



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The Application Process

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Step 1: Start Your Application

Apply online. There is no commitment and it only takes a few minutes to begin. Applicants must be willing to relocate to the Detroit area.

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Step 2: Schedule Your Personal Consultation

You’ll meet with an admissions counselor who will learn about your goals, background, and your interest in a tech career. Most importantly, they will answer your questions!

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Step 3: Complete Your Skill Review

The skill review is a short assessment that lets us know where you are and can help us understand whether or not the class will be a good fit for you. 


Applicants will benefit from familiarity with control flow and looping, creating and manipulating datatypes, creating and manipulating lists/arrays, algorithmic problem-solving, and conditional logic.

Interviews will be conducted in the coding language of your choice.

The browser-based interview is similar to that of the site repl.it. We recommend practicing there to familiarize yourself. The only difference is that the interviewer will be able to type and evaluate code.

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Step 4: Wait for Your Results

It might take us a few days, even a few weeks, to conduct a final review of your application. If you’re cleared for admission, we’ll reach out with the final steps to enroll!

When it came time for submitting applications, I was prepared for the interviews and the types of questions I would be given. The advice I was given at Devmountain was, ‘It’s not about what you know; it’s about how fast you can adapt and learn something new.’
EVAN BOGGS, Web Development Alumni, 2019.

Learn More at Our Virtual Info Session

Still have questions? Join our free info session to learn more about the curriculum and application process.

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What is Devmountain?

Devmountain, part of Strayer University, is an industry-leading coding and tech skills bootcamp partnering with Perficient to provide opportunities for life-long learners. Our instructors and program directors are passionate about empowering future programmers, designers, entrepreneurs. We’ve helped thousands along the path to new careers. 

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Start Your Application Today!

There is no need to be nervous. The application isn’t about proving your worth, but about helping you determine if this course is a good fit for you. There’s no commitment during the application process.

Contact Devmountain Admissions

If you have questions you want to be answered before you begin your application, you can contact Devmountain’s admissions team directly.


Call: +1 (844) 433-8686

Text: +1 (385) 217-2304

Email: admissions@devmountain.com