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Software Quality Assurance

Immersive Course

DevMountain’s 6-Week Software QA Course

Our 6-week Software Quality Assurance (QA) Immersive Bootcamp will prepare you with everything you need to get your quality assurance certification. With your QA certification, you will be a competitive candidate for junior-level software QA positions. Our Software QA Courses are held at our Lehi campus.

You will be working collaboratively with lead instructors and mentors throughout this course. Because you will be learning full time at DevMountain, we offer our immersive students housing at no extra cost.

Career Support

Optimize Your Resume

Optimize A Resume

Build a resume and portfolio with DevMountain’s Career Counseling team.

Career & Interview Prep

Career & Interview Prep

Our Career Counselors work hard to find jobs that fit and feel right for our students. Students go through mock interviews and learn important tips and tricks so they are prepared for their first real interview.

Employer Networking

Employer Networking

Students get lifetime access to our exclusive Meet n’ Hire events. At these events, students network with employers who are looking for

Additional Career Resources

  • Access to DevMountain Career Counselor
  • Access to Current Mentors and Instructors
  • Job Negotiation Training
  • LinkedIn Training, Best Practices, and Profile Setup
  • Free Admission to Hiring Events
  • Job Search Tactics, Tools, and Worksheets
  • Technical Interview Training
  • Access to Recorded Classes and Lectures
  • Discount for any Additional DevMountain Courses

Student Schedule

Because our immersive course is rigorous, we break up our schedule with lectures, presentations, labs and project building. A typical day at DevMountain campus could look like the example schedule below:

Monday - Friday from 9AM - 5PM

8:30 AM


A warm-up activity designed to get your braining going. A chance to think about your day, what you want to learn, and how you can apply it.

9:00 - 9:10 AM


9:10am - 12:30pm


Lecture will cover a variety of topics followed by authentic exercises and problems to help students apply what they learned to their future career in QA.

12:30 - 1:30pm


1:30 - 4:45pm


Our projects give students the chance to use and apply their learning to problems that QA professionals face.



Attendance is taken morning and evening.

Course Curriculum

While you’re at our Software QA Immersive Course, you’ll have weeks full of interactive learning and networking. You’ll walk away with the ability and confidence you need to land a QA job. You’ll master the following concepts:



QA is a complex subject, ranging from test documentation to automated testing. We will teach you QA basic theories, best practices, and how to apply them. This knowledge will prepare you to help develop products, champion users, and improve the software development process.



Part of being an effective QA engineer is knowing how applications are developed. Agile is one of the most common development cycle methodologies. We’ll teach you all about working with a team, backlogs, scrums, sprints, and how testing fits into the software development cycle.



Developers love QA engineers who know their way around code. In this course, we will not dive as deep into JS as the immersive Web Developer course, but we’ll teach you enough to be a treasured asset to your developers, and to handle automated testing.



Creating tests is an integral part of quality assurance. We'll start you off with the basics - manual test writing. You'll learn all about the various techniques you can use to expose application weaknesses.

Unit Testing


Throughout the course of your software testing trainings, you will also learn how to create automated tests using Selenium. This is the most common testing automation application out there and as such, is essential for an up and coming Software QA Engineer.

Test Automation


API, and database testing are becoming more and more in demand, so we strive to keep our students up to date with the best tools to succeed. We’ll teach you what a REST API is and how to create tests of performance, functionality, reliability, safety, and security using Postman and JMeter. These types of testing concepts and tools will help you become a successful quality assurance software tester. You will get some experience with simple database testing using SQL statements as well, the better to support your team’s products.

DevMountain Cost and Upcoming Start Dates

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