"An exceptional life-changing education"

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"It was a packed 3 months and I'm not even joking when I say that I really enjoyed it. I loved going to class and I spent a lot of time outside of class as well. For me, I had no real foundation in development before this class. I loved it and would recommend it to anyone. I often do."

- Brenan Klain,
2013 Web After-Hours

"Learning to code is hard. You need great learning resources, great teachers, & helpful mentors to guide you along the way. DevMountain fills all of those needs with intentional curriculum, professional teachers, & expert mentors. There is no better way than DevMtn."

- Brian Ho,
2014 iOS Immersive
David Moore

"I really enjoyed my time at DevMountain, the energy and excitement was palpable. The instructors really want you to succeed, and care about your success, especially if you are working hard. They can tell if you are. I learned more than I ever could alone."

- David M.,
2015 UX/UI After-Hours

"I had very little coding experience before DevMountain. I loved being around people that came to the bootcamp from various paths of life and worked their tails off to improve their coding skills and chances of bettering their life. After 13 weeks I landed a job and I love it!"

- Natasha S.,
2016 Web Immersive

What do we look for in a student?

We want passionate & intelligent students who are ready to become learners

We want communicators who are clear and can understand as well as be understood

We want dedicated individuals who are curious enough to become true industry professionals

It may be the most intense, transformative three months of your life,
but through it all, the DevMountain team is here to support you.

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