UX Design

16 weeks of "After Hours" classes


Tue, Thu 6–9pm;
Sat 9am–2pm


Designers, Developers, Project Managers, Etc



What You'll Learn (Curriculum)

UX Research

You will learn research skills that will help you gather qualitative and quantitative data. We will help teach you to use that data to find actionable insights that will help improve and shape products. We will cover conducting user research interviews. You will learn how to use analytics to discover opportunities to improve experiences.

  • Competitive Research
  • User Interviewing
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Usability Testing
  • Analytics Tools
  • User Empathy


Prototyping is a really important tool for validating the design direction of the user's experience. Prototyping often leads to rapid improvements and a much better product. You will learn how to build low fidelity and high fidelity prototypes with industry standard prototyping tools.

  • Prototyping Techniques
  • Prototyping Tools

Information Architecture and Interaction Design

You will learn how to architect the information of a product. You will learn tools and strategies that will help you to build user flows and make sense of products. You will learn to sketch and wireframe to help you facilitate important conversations with key stakeholders and more efficiently solve design problems. You will learn the essentials to creating succesful microinteractions.

  • User Flows
  • Sketching
  • Wireframing
  • Microinteraction Principles

Visual Design

You will learn important design principles that will enable you to design successful user interfaces. You will learn industry leading design software that will use for the rest of your career.

  • Design Principles
  • Bohemian Sketch

Motion Design

You will learn principles of animation and motion that will help you design modern interfaces that feel natural for the user.

  • Motion Design Principles
  • Animation Basics
  • Principle

Career Coaching

You will learn really important skills and knowledge that will help you launch your career in UX.

  • Lean UX Principles
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Resume Review
  • Portfolio Creation

"It was the finest, most comprehensive education I’ve ever received. We were able to receive a lot of personal mentoring from the 7 instructors. I learned and implemented UX principles that our instructors brought us from their companies, such as Jive Communications and Instructure."
—Tim H., DevMountain 2015 Grad





Tuition & Schedule

"After Hours" (Part-time)

Course Hours:
Tue, Thu 6–9pm
Sat 9am–2pm
Provo, UT

If you're a designer, product person, developer, or simply interested in taking a dive into UX, this class is for you. Our "After Hours" UI/UX course makes the most of class time because focus on less theory and more hands-on practice. You're probably already doing some UX whether you know it or not and this course will help you give structure to your innate thoughts through industry know how and structured design processes.

The UI/UX course a great way to dive into UX without having to quit your job or school. It's still extremely intense, but allows for a more flexible format because classes are held nights and weekends.

This class is great for those who are interested in UX, need some skills to better their employment options, or simply learn a new skillset.


Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to come and learn, assisting through finances is just one of those ways. We know that your education is important, and we believe that a lack of funds shouldn't be a reason to not participate.

Instructors & Mentors

Britton Stanfill

Senior UX Designer

Jive Communications

Andrew Hair

User Experience Manager

Family Search

Nick Bluth

UX Designer


Jay Shelley

Product Manager

Jive Communications

Myntillae Nash

Owner / Creative Director

Myntifresh Designs

TJ Nelson

UX/UI Designer



The modern day company wants to provide great experiences for their consumers, which is done through UX design. Keeping customers loyal through amazing experiences is key in a company's success. Building great user experiences requires learning what those consumers need and implementing it. In this course you’ll learn the tools, techniques, and best practicies to make your products enjoyable for users.
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