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16 Weeks of After-Hours Design Classes

During our 16-week UX courses students learn how to become UX designers and all the skills they need for a UX career. Learn from our experienced UX instructors and mentors at our Salt Lake City, Utah campus.

What You'll Learn

Learning UX/UI design at bootcamps is a lot of work. Fortunately, we have experts that will teach you the UX design techniques you need to know to start your career. You will be learning:


UX Research

You’ll learn how to gather and use qualitative and quantitative data as you conduct UX design research. Then, you will be able to improve and shape products the way the user prefers. We will cover conducting user research interviews and how to use analytics to discover opportunities to improve experiences.



Prototyping is an important tool for validating the design foundation of the user’s experience, which often leads to rapid improvements and a much better product. This is also known as usability testing. You will learn how to build low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes with industry standard prototyping tools.



You’ll learn how to architect the information of a product and the tools and strategies you need to build user flows. You’ll also learn how about wireframing, giving you the ability to facilitate important conversations with key stakeholders.



You will learn important design principles that will enable you to design successful user interfaces. You will learn industry leading design software that you will use the rest of your career.



You will learn principles of animation and motion that will help you design modern interfaces that feel natural for the user.



You will learn really important skills and knowledge that will help you launch your career in UX.

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