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Web Development

Online Course

DevMountain’s 26-Week Web Development Online Course

DevMountain’s online bootcamp for web development is 26 weeks of at-home, live-coding instruction and learning. This remote course includes a flexible model of instruction providing you with the skills you need to start a career in web development. Students who complete the course will be able to build full-stack web applications.

DevMountain’s 26-week Online Coding Course is broken up into a flexible schedule that involves live-streamed instruction from a team of experienced instructors and modules that you take on your own timetable.

Career Support

Optimize Your Resume

Optimize A Resume

Build a resume and portfolio with DevMountain’s Career Counseling team.

Career & Interview Prep

Career & Interview Prep

Our Career Counselors work hard to find jobs that fit and feel right for our students. Students go through mock interviews and learn important tips and tricks so they are prepared for their first real interview.

Employer Networking

Employer Networking

Students get lifetime access to our exclusive Meet n’ Hire events. At these events, students network with employers looking for

Additional Career Resources

  • Access to DevMountain Career Counselor
  • Access to Current Mentors and Instructors
  • Job Negotiation Training
  • LinkedIn Training, Best Practices, and Profile Setup
  • Free Admission to Hiring Events
  • Job Search Tactics, Tools, and Worksheets
  • Technical Interview Training
  • Access to Recorded Classes and Lectures
  • Discount for any Additional DevMountain Courses

Student Schedule

Because our online course is intense, we break up our schedule with lectures, presentations, labs and project building. You’ll be expected to block out time for learning remotely on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Mondays and Wednesdays from 6PM - 9PM | Saturdays from 9AM - 2PM


Interactive Lectures

You will learn about different web-development topics that you need to know in order to become a web developer. We begin our lectures with a mini project. This helps you understand the subject for the day.


Interactive Lectures

You will learn about different web-development topics that you need to know in order to become a web developer. We begin our lectures with a mini project. This helps you understand the subject for the day.


Labs & Project Time

You will use what you have learned earlier in the week by building projects to reinforce your knowledge. The best way to learn is by doing and that is what our lab day is all about. The lab day will also be used as review and Q&A for you so that you can feel confident in your learning.

Course Curriculum

Become a full-stack developer at our fully immersive software development course. You’ll learn frontend to backend web development by becoming familiar with web stack program languages like HTML5. CSS3, Javascript, Git, Github, NodeJS, ReactJS, and many more. Learn more about some of these languages:



Git is the de facto standard for source version control and team collaboration. GitHub is the most used web based code hosting service. These technologies are crucial to your contribution in the modern workplace, as well as in helping you to secure, protect and archive your code. As such, they are also an important part of our website development program, so that every student finishes with the confidence and ability to work on a team in the modern development environment.


HTML 5 & CSS 3

As part of the web developer bootcamp, we'll cover how to use HTML and CSS to build a modern, professional website. To get ahead of current trends, and equip yourself with future proof knowledge, you will learn mobile and responsive techniques that are crucial for building websites and apps in the modern, "multi-device" age.



JavaScript is the language of the web. If you use the web then you’ve interacted with content built with JavaScript. We’ll teach you how to leverage JavaScript to build full-scale web applications like those you use everyday. At DevMountain, you’ll learn industry standards, best practices, and advanced techniques that will push you to the next level.


React JS

React is the JavaScript library of choice when it comes to companies and developers building web applications. It’s lightweight, incredibly intuitive, and fun to use. From large enterprise applications, to small personal projects, learning React will add an anchor to your skillset and help you hit the ground running as a web developer.


Node JS

At DevMountain, you’ll learn all of the necessary tools to make a full web application. That includes server side components, which will allow you to store, retrieve, and manipulate data for your users. NodeJS is the incredibly popular tool for building servers and a suite of other services. It utilizes the JavaScript and its ecosystem to build powerful, dynamic, and performant backend solutions for your applications.



In the modern web landscape, data is everything. Learning how you will store, access, and remove your app’s data is essential to being a full-stack developer. That’s why, at DevMountain, we’ll teach you the fundamentals of data storage and management. We’ll help you leverage the ubiquitous SQL query language to provide long-lasting data to your applications and really bring them to life.



We’ll teach you not only how to write great code, but we’ll teach you how to test it as well. A lot can go wrong when it comes to building content for the web, writing tests for your code allows you to identify and fix those problems before your users ever see them. You’ll learn how to use the Test Driven Development model of development, along with popular test suites like Jest, Postman, and Cypress, to guide your development process and write code that solves problems.

If you want to learn more about our Web Development Online Course, download a course guide.

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Web Development Immersive

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