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DevMountain's online web development course is 26 weeks of at-home live coding instruction and learning. This course includes a flexible model of instruction and provides students with an extensive tool belt of web development skills. Students completing this class will be able to build full-stack web applications and graduate with a solid base of rigorous fundamental programming knowledge.

Live Instruction

This isn’t our first rodeo. We know how to teach people to become developers. We also know that pre-recorded instruction can become stale and hard to follow along, especially when you are starting out. DevMountains’ online course provides the flexibility for you to keep your life but also the live instruction and feedback that helps accelerate your learning. We keep pre-recorded material to a minimum and expect you to interact with your instructor or mentor every day of class. Learning to code online has never been this personable.

One-On-One Mentoring

You will be assigned a mentor who will help guide you during your time at DevMountain. Mentors know what it takes to be successful at DevMountain and will share their wealth of tips and tricks at becoming a developer. Your mentor will answer any questions you might have and help gauge your understanding of the content so you can be certain you're on a path to success.


Making a career change can be a difficult challenge to add to an already busy life. At DevMountain, we understand that and that is why we have tailored an online program that allows the flexibility you need to make the switch but also the support and instruction to become a successful web developer. Now you can have the DevMountain experience from the comfort of your own home.

Career Support


Online Student Schedule

Our online course is rigorous, but we break up your learning with lectures, presentations, labs and project building. You’ll be expected to block out time for learning on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.



Interactive Lectures


Students will learn different topics that will be applied on top of each other to learn the best practices of becoming a web developer. We will begin with a lecture that leads into a mini project. This will help the students understand the subject for the day.


Interactive Lectures


Students will learn different topics that will be applied on top of each other to learn the best practices of becoming a web developer. We will begin with a lecture that leads into a mini project that will help the students understand the subject for the day.




Students will use what they have learned earlier in the week by building projects to reinforce their knowledge. The best way to learn is by doing and that is what our lab day is all about. The lab day will also be used as a review and Q&A for students so they feel confident in their learning.

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What You'll Learn

In this online coding bootcamp, you’ll learn web dev programs and languages like HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, Git and Github, Jquery, Angular.JS, Node.JS, React, and databases. This will allow you to connect all the dots necessary to kickstart a career in web development.


As part of the web development bootcamp, we'll cover how to use HTML and CSS to build a modern, professional website. To get ahead of current trends, and equip yourself with future proof knowledge, you will learn mobile and responsive techniques that are crucial for building websites and apps in the modern "multi-device" age.


Don’t worry, this ain't your uncle's Javascript class. The industry has evolved, and as such, the DevMountain online web development bootcamp goes above and beyond basic HTML/CSS and Javascript, to teach you advanced methods that have become the standard in the industry today.

Git & Github

Git is the de facto standard for source version control and team collaboration. It also has its own jargon, best practices, and workflows, all of which combined can be enough to keep you busy for quite a while. Yet these tactics will be crucial to your contribution in the modern workplace, as well as in helping you to secure, protect and archive your code. As such, they are also an important part of our website development program, so that every student finishes with all necessary knowhow.


While jQuery isn't sufficient to build a fully-featured web application on its own, it's the underpinning for a lot of great frameworks and libraries. This means that you need to understand jQuery at a solid level in order to be able to do bigger and better stuff.


AngularJS is the hottest new framework for building complex web applications, and so it is essential for a new developer looking to make headway in the field. Angular utilizes a declarative syntax and a powerful dependency injection system that makes it necessary for keeping your code scalable, maintainable, and modular.


In our online web dev bootcamp, we want to give you all of the necessary tools to make a full web application. That includes server side components, which will allow you to store, retrieve, and manipulate data for your users. That is why we will teach you Node.JS, which allows us to write server side applications with our language of choice, Javascript.


React is the premier way to build big, fast web applications with JavaScript. The web app landscape is moving increasingly towards dedicated libraries over monolithic frameworks. For that reason, there is no better way to future proof your skills than with learning React, and as such it is an important part of the our online code bootcamp.


Learning how you will store, access, and remove your app's data is essential to being a full-stack developer. That’s why, in the web development bootcamp, we'll teach you a powerful SQL database, along with a popular Node.JS ORM. This will allow you to connect all the dots necessary to make your app come to life.

Student Projects


GroopScoop is a real-time group chat application. Happy Grooping! // Blake H., 2016 Alumni

Student Projects

Alien Hunt

Alien Hunt is an arcade style shooter game. // Shea Close, Timothy Bennett, samer Aladhami, Julian Ruiz

Student Projects


Cheap and easy email automation. // Daniel F., 2014 Alumni

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Meet some of the team who will help get you to the next level:

Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith

Online Web Instructor

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Jeremy Robertson

Web Director

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Have more questions about attending DevMountain? We've created a searchable Help Center that is constantly being updated that is full of answers to common student questions. If that isn't enough, you can always chat with a member of our admissions team.