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How it Works

Our 26-week after-hours, or part-time, coding bootcamp allows students to learn and apply the coding skills needed to launch a career in web development. Your 26 weeks will be broken up into a flexible schedule that involves both online and in-person learning while keeping your full-time job.


Precourse: Basecamp (6 Weeks | Online)

The six weeks before class will take place in our online Basecamp where you’ll learn the beginning stages of web development. You’ll be able to learn on your own schedule and will have access to live trainings and 1-on-1 time with your mentor. Click here to learn more about Basecamp.

Basecamp +

Stage 1: Basecamp+ (5 Weeks | On-Campus)

The first five weeks of class will take place in person at DevMountain’s coding campus in Provo, or Salt Lake City in the evening. With face-to-face interaction with your peers and instructors, you’ll be able to build on what you’ve already learned as you prepare for the core class. We will finish this stage with a capstone project to help you finalize your mastery of the core concepts.


Basecamp+ Assessment

Upon completion of Basecamp+ you will be required to pass an assessment showing mastery of the fundamentals taught in Basecamp+. Passing this assessment will be required to advance into the Core Class. Don’t stress though, if you didn’t get it on the first pass we’ll allow you to re-take basecamp and Basecamp+ once for free! You can also take a month break and attempt a re-take.


Stage 2: Core Class (21 Weeks | On-Campus)

Once you finished Basecamp+ with the right skills, you’ll most on to our Core Class. This contains our full-stack web development coding bootcamp.

Career Support

Optimize Your Resume

Optimize A Resume

Build a resume and portfolio with DevMountain’s Career Counseling team.

Career & Interview Prep

Career & Interview Prep

Our Career Counselors work hard to find jobs that fit and feel right for our students. Students go through mock interviews and learn important tips and tricks so they are prepared for their first real interview.

Employer Networking

Employer Networking

Students get lifetime access to our exclusive Meet n’ Hire events. At these events, students network with employers looking for

Additional Career Resources

  • Access to DevMountain Career Counselor
  • Access to Current Mentors and Instructors
  • Job Negotiation Training
  • LinkedIn Training, Best Practices, and Profile Setup
  • Free Admission to Hiring Events
  • Job Search Tactics, Tools, and Worksheets
  • Technical Interview Training
  • Professional Resume Headshots
  • Access to Recorded Classes and Lectures
  • Discount for any Additional DevMountain Courses

After-Hours Student Schedule

Our after-hours course is rigorous, but we break up your learning with lectures, presentations, labs and project building. You’ll be expected to attend on-campus classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Tuesday & Thursday, 6pm-9pm MT | Saturday 9am-3pm MT


Interactive Lectures

Students will learn different topics that will be applied on top of each other to learn the best practices of becoming a web developer. We will begin with a lecture that leads into a mini project. This will help the students understand the subject for the day.


Interactive Lectures

Students will learn different topics that will be applied on top of each other to learn the best practices of becoming a web developer. We will begin with a lecture that leads into a mini project that will help the students understand the subject for the day.



Students will use what they have learned earlier in the week by building projects to reinforce their knowledge. The best way to learn is by doing and that is what our lab day is all about. The lab day will also be used as a review and Q&A for students so they feel confident in their learning.


DevMountain makes web development training affordable. Standard tuition is $10,900 for DevMountain’s after-hours coding bootcamp. Flexible financing options are available, and Devmountain may also offer special scholarships. Become the coder you’ve always wanted to be, without breaking the bank in the process.

What You'll Learn

Helping you learn web development frontend to backend, in the best way possible, is what we’re all about. In our flex immersive, part-time coding bootcamp, you’ll learn:

HTML 5 and CSS 3

HTML 5 & CSS 3

We'll cover how to use HTML and CSS to build a modern, professional website. You;ll learn mobile and responsive techniques that are crucial for building websites/apps in the modern "multi-device" age.



This ain't your uncle's Javascript class. We're going above and beyond basic HTML/CSS and Javascript to teach you advanced methods that are used in the industry today.


Git & Github

Git, the de facto standard for source version control and team collaboration, has its own jargon, best practices, and workflows, enough to keep you busy for a while. Yet these tactics will be crucial in your contribution in the workplace and in securing, protecting and archiving your code.



While jQuery isn't sufficient to build a fully-featured web application, it's the underpinning for a lot of great frameworks and libraries. You need to understand jQuery at a solid level in order to do bigger and better stuff.



AngularJS is the hottest new framework for building complex web applications. Angular utilizes a declarative syntax and a powerful dependency injection system for keeping your code scalable, maintainable, and modular..



We want to give you all of the necessary tools to make a full web application. That includes server side components that will allow you to store, retrieve, and manipulate data for your users. Node.JS allows us to write server-side applications with our language of choice, Javascript.



React is the premier way to build big, fast Web applications with JavaScript. The web app landscape is moving towards dedicated libraries over monolithic frameworks. There is no better way to future proof your skills than with learning React.



Learning how you will store, access, and remove your app’s data is essential to being a full-stack developer. We’ll teach you a powerful SQL database along with a popular Node.JS ORM so you can connect all the dots and make your app come to life. .

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