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About Devmountain

Devmountain is a design, analytics, cybersecurity, and coding bootcamp founded in 2013 by professionals who had their lives dramatically changed by learning tech skills. The Devmountain brand specializes in immersive, in-person, and courses. We’ve grown a lot since our first course—taught in a classroom in what used to be an old candy factory. Devmountain is now part of Strayer University.

First Devmountain campus founded in 2013

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Our intense courses in Web Development, iOS Development, Software Engineering, Data Analytics, UX Design, Software QA, and more are hands-on, project-based, and are designed by educators with real-world industry knowledge. We offer challenging, focused training designed to equip students with the skills to start their journey toward a career in tech.

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We Live In a Digital World

And that world is in need of developers and designers who know how to create the backbone of the global economy. Despite the widespread need for coders, they are still a rare breed. The time and financial investment of earning a traditional four-year computer science degree remains an obstacle. Devmountain’s dev bootcamp was founded to fill that gap.

Our programs are intense commitments designed to offer immersive, hands-on instruction to get the next generation of developers up to speed and into the workforce. Learning web and iOS development, user experience design, or the skills to work in software quality assurance is not easy, but, at Devmountain, we believe it is something anyone who is willing to work hard can do.

“I consider my time at Devmountain to be one of my greatest decisions.”