User Experience Design

Immersive Bootcamp in Salt Lake City

12 Weeks of Immersive Design Classes

Our 12-week course allows students to learn and apply the skills to start a career in user experience design. Attend our classes on-campus in Salt Lake City, Utah and learn with in-person guidance from our team of experienced instructors.

DevMountain Culture

Plug yourself into a culture of creating, building, and achieving success with like minded people. Our expert faculty love sharing their craft, and empowering the next wave of programmers and entrepreneurs.

One-On-One Mentoring

Established developers, alumni, and industry experts all get involved in your education. That makes for a perfect combination of mentors who know where you are starting, where you are at, and where you are going.

Free Student Housing

Did someone say free housing? You heard right. All full-time students can take advantage of DevMountain's free and fully-furnished housing. Housing is conveniently located next to all DevMountain campuses.

Career Support

Our immersive classes are equipped with on-campus career guidance counselors. These counselors will work face-to-face with you to get you ready for a successful career.

Optimize Your Resume

Build your resume and portfolio with help from our experienced career coaching team. Work face-to-face to develop a job search plan that works best for you.

Career & Interview Prep

Our counselors will work with you to find the perfect job for you. You’ll go through mock interviews and learn how to ace your first interview as a designer.

Employer Networking

You’ll get lifetime access to our exclusive “Meet n’ Hire” events where you’ll be able to network with employers who are looking for awesome designers like you.

Additional Career Resources

Example Student Schedule

The course is rigorous, but we break up our schedule with lectures, presentations, labs and project building. A typical day at DevMountain campus could look like the example day schedule below.

MON-FRI, 9AM-5PM // 600 Course Hours

9 AM

Toy Problem

Class warm-up

Previous day reviews and code exercises that strengthen concepts and skills

10 AM


Instrucor-led lessons

Learn key objectives through guided practice, discussions, presentations, guest lectures and activities

12:30 PM


Nom nom time

Continue to work through lunchm grab a bite at a local spot, or make your own at our on-campus kitchens

1:30 PM


Labs & Workstation

Guided practice with on-hand mentors to work on weekly, personal, and group projects. Work on labs solo or in groups. Receive over-the-shoulder help whenever it is needed

3 PM

Sit Downs

One-on-one check-ins

Regular check-ins from our student success crew, employer relations team, and instructors / mentors.

5 PM

Open Campus, 24/7

End of class

Many mentors live in DevMountain housing and stay on campus around the clock. Campus is open to mentors, employees, instructors, and of course students all day everyday!

Salt Lake City Campus

Free Housing In Phoenix, AZ

Did someone say free housing? Yes. All full-time students can take advantage of DevMountain's free housing, available on a first come first serve basis. Housing is provided during your time in our program. No other code bootcamp offers anything like it.

What You'll Learn

UX Research

You will learn research skills that will help you gather qualitative and quantitative data. We will help teach you to use that data to find actionable insights that will help improve and shape products. We will cover conducting user research interviews. You will learn how to use analytics to discover opportunities to improve experiences.


Prototyping is a really important tool for validating the design direction of the user's experience. Prototyping often leads to rapid improvements and a much better product. You will learn how to build low fidelity and high fidelity prototypes with industry standard prototyping tools.

Information Architecture

You will learn how to architect the information of a product. You will learn tools and strategies that will help you to build user flows and make sense of products. You will learn to sketch and wireframe to help you facilitate important conversations with key stakeholders and more efficiently solve design problems. You will learn the essentials to creating succesful microinteractions.

Visual Design

You will learn important design principles that will enable you to design successful user interfaces. You will learn industry leading design software that will use for the rest of your career.

Motion Design

You will learn princples of animation and motion that will help you design modern interface that feel natural for the user.

Career Coaching

You will learn really important skills and knowledge that will help you launch your career in UX.

Student Projects

Mike Curtis Portfolio

A sample portfolio from one of our students! // Mike W. Curtis

Curriculum is only as good as the people behind it.

DevMountain's expert instructors are passionate about sharing their craft and empowering the next wave of programmers, entrepreneurs, and designers.

DevMountain Instructors


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Meet some of the team who will help get you to the next level:

Brandon Beecroft

Lead UX Design Instructor


Andrew Hair

User Experience Manager

Family Search

Nick Bluth

UX Designer


Upcoming Salt Lake Start Dates

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Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to come and learn, assisting through finances is just one of those ways. We know that your education is important, and we believe that a lack of funds shouldn't be a reason to not participate.

Virtual Campus Tour

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V How do I apply?

Head to and select the course and start date of your choice. You will be prompted to:
  1. Create a account with a name, email, and password.
  2. Fill out a simple online form which will start the application process.
Once that form is submitted, our admissions team will contact you and guide you through everything. It is easy.

V What happens when I hit the "submit" button on my application?

Our application process has 3 simples parts:
  1. Submitting an online application.
  2. A phone or video chat interview with one of our admission team members.
  3. A pre-course challenge to measure your competency. Don't worry, we enroll people who are at ground zero.
Your assigned admissions team member will schedule a time for an interview to talk. Once the interview is complete, you will be sent the pre-course challenge. The challenge must be completed and reviewed. When the review is complete, a final decision is made. We hope to see you in class!

V How many people are typically in a class?

We typically keep our classes between 20-30 people. DevMountain has come to find that anything over 30 people takes away from learning, and anything less than 20 takes away from peer-to-peer learning and groups. We have found that 20-30 is the sweet spot.

V Will DevMountain help me find a job afterwards?

DevMountain simply can not guarantee jobs upon completion of the course. Why? Because it is up to you what you do with the education you are given. DevMountain works hard to help you. We do a number of things to help graduates of our immersive programs find jobs afterwards:
  1. In class training on networking, resumes, interviews, portfolio websites, LinkedIn, etc.
  2. Guidance on portfolio projects.
  3. Hiring events which we call 'Meet and Hire' lunches. DevMountain brings in employers to network, build relationships and of course hire. Contact Info of each company in attendance is shared with students.
  4. One on one help in creating a post graduation job hunt plan.
  5. One on one post graduation help upon request - Resumes, LinkedIn, and portfolio site critique and help.
  6. We maintain a very regularly posted digital job board. Most of which are employers DevMountain has a relationship with.
  7. Saturday Job Prep Workshops (about every 7 weeks) for Alumni and current students with Tech Recruiters and one on one feedback.
Our graduates will end up in a variety of positions ranging from internships up to full on Jr Developer positions. The number and kinds of opportunities that will open themselves to graduates will largely depend on what each student has put into the course.

V Does DevMountain offer scholarships or other financial aid?

DevMountain does offer scholarships from time to time. Contact our admissions team for up to date scholarship information.

DevMountain does not accept government granted financial aid including scholarships, grants, GI benefits, etc. DevMountain is not a Title IV school.

Financing options are available through 3rd party lenders whose information can be found at