3 Controversial Web Dev Habits

Developing habits is important in web development, but not all habits are created equal. If you are a beginner learning about the world of web dev, you should do your best to pick up habits that work for you, don’t alienate your fellow programmers, and allow for future growth.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t go against the status quo from time to time, stretch your creative muscles, and try new things. You should. But, some controversial habits may be best left alone.

Here are 3 controversial web dev habits:

1 My Language Is Better Than Yours

which programming language is the best

Technology changes rapidly and so do programming languages. If you get into the habit of only working with one language in all instances regardless of project needs, resources, and changing markets, then you’re more likely to fail growing as a developer.

Having a preferred language isn’t bad, but it’s best to be open to new languages and opinions. If you’re just starting out, you can check out Python, Java, and Web courses from Devmountain.

2 To Use a Website Builder or Not

should i use a website builder

There are popular website builders and content management systems that allow inexperienced coders to create their own websites. It’s a controversial habit to continually dismiss these tools.

Of course, becoming a professional web developer requires learning the ins and outs of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but that doesn’t mean you have to code everything or ignore these tools.

Being aware of what’s out there so you can pick and choose what’s most helpful for your clients or employer is much more important than doing what a web developer “should” do.

3 Using Comments in Your Code

how to comment in code

It’s easy to skip writing out comments in your code, but that’s more than likely a bad habit. (If you happen to be tying out a single line that prints “Hello world!” maybe you get a pass.)

Comments can save you and other developers time down the road when everyone forgets what a specific section of code is supposed to do. That doesn’t mean they always get written.

Make sure you don’t get into the habit of forgetting comments and check out the most important skill you can learn at a coding bootcamp.

Learn Web Dev at Devmountain for 16 Weeks

We know there’s so much information out there about learning to code, and it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we provide structure and support with our bootcamp programs. No matter what your opinions are on “the right way” to code, you can learn about web dev at Devmountain in our 16-week, full-time Web Dev course, as you prepare to change your career.

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3 Controversial Web Dev Habits

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