8 Tips From 8 QA Grads on How to Land A Job

Need to find a job in the software QA space? With having 3,000+ students come through our different Devmountain programs, our alumni know a thing or two when it comes to finding a job as a bootcamp grad.

Because one of our courses specializes in software QA training, we thought we’d ask some of our grads what their experience was trying to find a job after bootcamp.

Look below to see the eight tips from eight alumni on how to land a software QA job.  

#1 Networking

Knowing someone within the QA space will always be beneficial to you. Honestly, knowing someone is one of the best ways to get into a full-time position. To that end, go to as many meetups or networking events as possible. When you’re there, put yourself out there. Talk to people about what you learned at bootcamp and what type of job you are looking for. Also, ask a lot of questions. Be interested in other people’s work and company. This will take you far.

#2 Relax and Focus on the Process

There are a lot of terms in the coding and software QA world, but as you talk with others focus on the process and concepts more than the terms themselves. While the lingo may impress some managers, the ability to describe an effective test plan on the spot is going to be way more impressive. Employers want to see how you think and your ability to develop as an employee.

#3 Be Persistent and Have Tough Skin

Don’t wait around hoping companies will find you first. You should be using resources like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, Slack, and others to make connections. It is very normal to do a lot of interviews and send in a lot applications before landing a job. It’s really just a numbers game combined with a little bit of luck. So, be persistent in reaching out and applying. If you don’t get a job that you applied for, don’t give up. Keep applying.

#4 Follow up

You should be applying and interviewing for a lot of jobs, and with each job application and interview you have, it’s so important to follow up with companies. It’s likely that the company is receiving a lot of applications and interviewing a lot of people for the job you applied to. Following up will help you stand out above the others. Follow up emails will also help you know where you are in their hiring process so you can know if you should continue pursuing the opportunity or continue your search elsewhere.

#5 Know the QA Titles

There are a lot of different names for software QA jobs. For example, you could be a QA analyst, a QA engineer, an SDET, a QA tester, and more. Spend some time on Glassdoor and learn about all the different names. You might be qualified for more titles than you think.

#6 Keep Practicing

Attending software QA bootcamp gives you the skills you need to continue learning about the trade. Even after you’ve graduated, make sure you keep practicing and learning more about QA during the application process. Employers love to see that you’re continuing your learning after you’ve gone through bootcamp.

#7 Work With a Software Recruiter

Some of our students have worked with software recruiters and have had success in finding good interviews with prospective employers. This is an option you should consider. So, don’t be afraid to reach out to recruiters.

#8 Make Friends

Always be friendly. Make friends with every recruiter and person you come in contact with at the companies you want to work for. People are much more willing to hire friends they know can do the job than people that they don’t know anything about other than what’s on their resume. Even if you don’t get the job you originally applied for, stay in contact with people as much as you can so that when a future position opens at that company you will be considered.

There’s our eight tips from eight Devmountain alumni. Let us know if you have any additional tips, and happy job hunting!

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