Encode Your Dreams Into a Tech Career You’ll Love

As kids, we didn’t limit ourselves. We could be whoever, or whatever, we wanted to be. If we wanted to be an astronaut, it was within our reach. But, was being an astronaut, or whatever you aspired to be, the only way you could be happy?

With time, our aspirations naturally evolve. But, we should never lose that feeling of freedom. Freedom to be ourselves. Freedom to create. Freedom to share what’s important to us.

And although we may not end up where we though we’d be, we live in a time where technology opens up more opportunities to have freedom to dream, and be happy.

Watch our video, Encode Your Dreams, to learn how there are other ways to fulfill your childhood dreams of being free.


Whatever your dream is, or whoever you want to be, there are new careers being created every day to help you reach those dreams. And we’re on a mission to inspire, and help, people lead impactful careers in the tech field, because we know it’s a career you can be proud of. We have 1,500+ alumni to prove it.

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