Meet DevMountain’s UX Design Instructional Staff

At UX bootcamp, DevMountain students have the opportunity to learn how to design for web and mobile applications by working on projects that they can add to their portfolios. They also have the opportunity to work closely with a team of UX designers who have real-world experience.

We wanted to make an introduction to our UX Design Instructional Staff since our students become close with them while they’re taking their UX Design Course.

See below to meet the team!

Meet Geoff Tribe. He’s our UX Design Lead Instructor.

How Geoff got into UX design

I got into UX when I was working for a startup company. We wore a lot of hats, so I was able to try out different things. I loved designing the product and working with users, developers, and stakeholders. The rest is history.

Geoff’s experience working in UX and why he loves it

I love UX because of the collaboration. I like working with people, not for or against them. UX is not a science; it requires adaptability and every day is different.

Why Geoff loves teaching UX design

I love teaching at DevMountain because of the focus. Students are here to change and learn. In turn, I change and learn, too. I’m always excited to see what our students produce and am ultra humbled when I see them in the UX field.

What Geoff does when he’s not designing

I really like to cook, Sous Vide… if you know, you know. Just started practicing Jiu Jitsu. Traveling. I can speak German. And, I worked in Alaska as a tour guide.

Favorite shows: Game of Thrones, True Detective, Peaky Blinders, Westworld

Favorite movies: Ex Machina, O Brother Where Art Thou, Big Lebowski, Fellowship of the Ring

Okay, now meet Sunny Stevenson. She’s one of our UX design instructors.

How Sunny got into UX design

I got into UX by accident just by being curious about technology, software, and design. I wanted to understand more about how these things intersect and how I could leverage them to make products beautiful and usable. That’s how I ended up with a degree in interaction design from UVU.

Why Sunny loves UX

I truly believe in the UX design process. I love overcoming obstacles, all the surprises along the way, and producing beautiful results that truly benefit the user.

Why Sunny loves teaching UX design

I love getting to know people as individuals. Teaching lets me combine my love of getting to know people as individuals with my passion for UX and design. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping a student achieve their ultimate goal of becoming a UX designer. UX is a fascinating and rewarding field and getting to share that with others, that’s a dream come true for me.

What Sunny does when she’s not designing

When I’m not teaching, you can find me hanging out with my 12-year-old son, Bridger. He keeps me in check. It’s tough to take yourself too seriously with a pre-teen around. He’s pretty much my favorite things in the world. Him, and my yellow lab, Gunner.

And here’s Libby Porter. She’s another one of our UX design mentors.

How Libby got into UX design and why she loves it

I loved UX before I even know there was a name for it.

I’ve always loved design, but never dreamed I’d actually be doing it. I thought that ship sailed when I became a high school teacher. My husband is an iOS developer and came through DevMountain, which is how I found out about the UX design program. DevMountain has changed my life on multiple levels, which is why I love being here and helping others do the same.

What Libby does when she’s not designing

When I’m not designing, you’ll find me outside or watching Netflix (let’s be honest). My husband and I love to hike and go backpacking with our dog and our drone. I’m an amateur videographer and my dream is to live in the forest or on a mountain. All I need is good wifi.

P.S. My pup is the cutest Australian Shepherd you’ll ever meet.

Meet Spencer Rich. He’s another UX design instructor.

How Spencer got into UX

I had originally planned to learn web development, but my friend who had gone through the Web Development Course suggested I check out the UX/UI program. I have always been interested in design and how people use things so I decided to give it a shot. I didn’t really know exactly what it was but after a few weeks I fell in love and it has become my passion.

Spencer’s experience in UX and why he loves it

UX is about collaboration. That’s what I love the most about it. Working with people and bouncing ideas off of each other is where I’m happiest. Finding simple solutions to complicated problems has to be the most satisfying and rewarding part of UX.

Why Spencer loves teaching UX

I like people. UX is about people if nothing else. And watching people learn and grow as designers is pretty rewarding.

Also, I’m a bit of a class clown so being in a teaching position makes it pretty easy for me to get away with all kinds of classroom shenanigans.

What Spencer does when he’s not designing

When I’m not designing you can find me in the climbing gym working on crimps and footwork, listening to comedy podcasts, or making a fool of myself streaming video games on

So there you go. There’s an introduction to some of the staff that our students work with.

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