DevMountain and Capella: What it Means for Students

DevMountain has seen incredible growth over the past three years. We began with part-time courses in 2013 with great success. Shortly thereafter we decided to begin full time immersion courses. The classes continued to grow, and our students consistently landed jobs with life-changing implications. It has been exciting and extremely humbling for us to see DevMountain’s effect on the lives of so many. To date, we’ve taught more than 600 people how to code.

It’s no secret that the coding bootcamp industry has exploded over the past few years. When we started, you could count all of the bootcamps on two hands. As of last year, according to CourseReport, there were 67 bootcamps across the country. Now is a time of rapid growth in the industry and while growth is important, DevMountain has always strived to provide the best quality experience for as many students as possible.

In our quest for being a premiere and accessible solution, many interested organizations approached us. If you read our CEO’s blog post, we found a partner in Capella Education. We were impressed with their desire to help individuals find the most direct path between learning and employment, something we believe we strive to achieve as well. We have a common commitment to serve our learners and that will continue on. This acquisition will allow Capella to support DevMountain and accelerate our mission for a broader market and to build the infrastructure to support this growth.

What does this mean for our students?

DevMountain students will continue to experience the same high-quality and supportive environment they have received since day one. DevMountain will operate as an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of Capella Education Company and will not become part of Capella University. The company founders and employees will continue working running the company like they have, with a few more resources that will allow us to better serve you and future students.

We’re really excited for this opportunity because we strongly believe that this change will allow us to continue to improve and better serve our students and alumni. Thanks to all who have been a part of the journey so far, we recognize that we are just a part of this community. If you have any questions about these changes, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you!

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