About the Dallas Location

Devmountain Campus in Dallas, Texas

Dallas Campus

500 S Ervay St #101, Dallas, TX 75201

Dallas is a big city with a lot of people, but what do all these people do in this big, huge town? Does everyone just sweat all day in the Dallas heat and cheer on the Cowboys while tipping their 10-gallon hats to one another? Well, yes. Some people do that. But there’s a lot more history, diversity, and culture that makes Dallas such an enjoyable place to live and study.

Courses Offered in Dallas

The 13-week Web Development course is offered at the Dallas, Texas Devmountain location. The course is taught in-person and remotely (online).

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Program Detail
Interested in building websites and applications? Learn about the world of web development in this 13-week coding course.

Housing for Dallas Students

Full-time, in-person students can get housing at no extra cost at the Devmountain Dallas location. Housing is located in the same building as campus with only an elevator between you and class. (Housing is not currently available due to COVID-19.)

Devmountain Tuition

Tuition to Devmountain is the same for all campus locations, but it varies based on course type (full-time, part-time, in person, remote) and course length (6-16 weeks).

Application Process

The application process is the same for all Devmountain locations. You can get started with your online application for free whenever you are ready to begin.

Student Life

You will be studying a lot if you decide to attend Devmountain (that’s kind of the point of a bootcamp), but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the techy excitement that goes on in Dallas, Texas.

Devmountain student outcomes
student outcomes

Student Outcomes

The number of Devmountain alumni continues to grow with each passing cohort. See what outcomes have been like for past graduates.

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Alternatively, you can take a virtual tour of the space. (In-person tours are not currently available due to COVID-19.)