The Most Important Skill to Learn at a Coding Bootcamp

A coding bootcamp like Devmountain can teach you how to code using programming languages like Java and Python, and it can also teach you other important skills programmers should know.

The internet and related technologies have allowed for programming language frameworks and libraries to be developed and maintained, making coding more accessible than ever before. This also means software engineers don’t have to memorize lines and lines of code to do their jobs.

If you know where to look, chances are you’ll be able to find a solution.

Developer-related but non-technical skills like problem-solving and troubleshooting are equally important for new programmers to learn. In fact, they may represent the most important skill.

What to Do with All This Code?

What to Do with All This Code?

It’s one thing to learn a programming language, but it’s another to know how to use it effectively. Anyone with access to the internet, determination, and time can look up coding tutorials and try sample projects (Hello world!), but that doesn’t mean they can go and get a development job.

You have to know how to problem-solve; that’s the most important skill you can learn as a rookie programmer. It’s also a skill that a coding bootcamp like Devmountain can help you learn.

What Does It Mean to Problem-Solve?

What Does It Mean to Problem-Solve?

To a natural-born problem-solver, it may seem like a silly question: What does it mean to problem-solve? You just take a problem and figure out a solution. But, it’s not quite that easy.

Problem-solving is a skill that can be learned, and it can be broken down into manageable steps. Knowing the steps is the first part. Putting those steps into practice is the second.

There Are 7 Steps to Problem-Solving

1. Identify the problem

Ask yourself if there is a problem and figure out what that problem might be.

2. Analyze the problem

Once a problem is identified, look at and think about the parts of the problem.

3. Describe the problem

Write out the problem in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

4. Find root causes

Dig deeper and look for underlying root causes for the surface problem.

5. Develop solutions

Think about possible solutions that might solve the problem as a whole.

6. Implement solutions

Choose one solution and implement it in a way that makes logical sense.

7. Measure results

Remember to measure the results of your solution to see if the problem still exists.

How to Problem-Solve in Programming

How to Problem-Solve in Programming

Once you’ve been through the 7 steps of problem-solving a few times, you’ll run through them quickly for small problems, and you’ll come up against a lot of small problems in programming.

In order to problem-solve in programming, you need to know what your tools are and what they can do. Then, you need to run through the 7 steps to overcome each and every problem.


Struggling to position elements on the Android app you’re developing using Java?

  1. Identify: The elements don’t appear where they should on the mobile display
  2. Analyze: Both text and image elements are affected by the problem
  3. Describe: Text and image elements aren’t aligned to the center on the mobile display
  4. Find root causes: A higher-level line of code is overriding the center alignment
  5. Develop solutions: Mark the lower-level lines of code as important
  6. Implement solutions: Mark the lower-level lines of code as important
  7. Measure results: The text and image elements are now always center aligned

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The Beginner’s Guide to Web Development is a great place to start researching your coding bootcamp journey. You can learn more about what programming is and what it means to be a software engineer in the technology industry. New to code? Check out the Coding Basics course.

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