The Ultimate List of Bootcamp Experiences by DevMountain Grads

Coding bootcamp isn’t a walk in the park. Our 1,800+ students that have gone through our courses can tell you it takes hard work, concentration, and patience to make it successfully through a coding bootcamp. Many of our students have written their bootcamp experiences, including things they’ve learned and things they’d do differently, after having been through a DevMountain course. We’ve gathered some of these articles and added them to this blog for your convenience. We will continue to add graduate articles to this list as we find them.

See below to see what coding bootcamp is really like from DevMountain graduates.

5 Things I Would Do Differently If I Could Restart My Coding Bootcamp Experience by Joe Warren

Coding bootcamp is much more manageable when you get the rest you need, ask for help when you feel like you’re falling behind, know which coding languages deserve the most time, and spend the right amount of time socializing. Joe Warren writes about how these things would have helped him enjoy the coding bootcamp experience much more if he had realized them sooner.

Read the article here.

My 3 Favorite Things About the Coding Bootcamp Experience by Mario Hoyos

Attending coding bootcamp has been one of the best decisions Mario Hoyos has ever made because of the people he’s been able to meet and interact with, the challenge of learning something useful quickly, and the opportunity of entering the tech industry. See why Mario has enjoyed coding bootcamp.

Read the article here.

What I’ve Learned From 8 Weeks in Coding Bootcamp by Aaron Blackshear

Coding bootcamp has helped Aaron Blackshear feel more confident learning new coding languages, making new friends, and networking for job opportunities. Read how Aaron’s first eight weeks at coding bootcamp has helped him develop as a person.

Read the article here.

Can You Really Go From Zero to Jr. Web Developer in 90 Days? by Vann Vaughan

Vann Vaughan learned that learning how to code in 90 days is possible with a lot of hard work and help from coding bootcamp instructors and classmates. Read his story on going from wanting a career change to knowing how to code in 90 days.

Read the article here.

7 Ways Web Development Has Changed Me for the Better by Jarid Marinos

Jarid Marinos shares perspective on how learning to code can change you as an individual. Not only can you learn a new skill set, but—according to Jarid—you gain better perspective and skills that help you through life.

Read the article here.

UX Bootcamp: Week 01 by Ty Maxey

User experience has something to do with design and a lot to do with how users experience a site. Ty Maxey writes about his first week being fully immersed in UX design, giving insight into the type of material taught at bootcamp.

Read the article here.

Want more coding bootcamp student experiences now? Check out our student page to see what others have to say.

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